Tuesday, 9 April 2019

RE: Threat to Tribunal Testifiers: Abi C'taker Chair warns APC, Traditional Rulers

L-R: Chief Alex Egbona and Hon. John Gaul Lebo 
9 April 2019 

"Violence is the last refuge of the incompetent"

It is said that a man's style is a reflection of  his attitude and personality and only a strong personality can endure history, the weak are extinguished by it. 

Having read the story attributed to the Abi LGSC chairman, Barr Iwasam Adaga which was published on Cross River Daily online news of 7/4/2019, and also the response of one Dan Amor who claimed to be the APC Campaign Spokesman in Cross River, we wish to make the following submissions:

1. That the concerns raised by Barr Iwasam Adaga are genuine and verifiable. There are concrete evidence.

2. That the APC/Dan Amor is only defending the indefensible as it is already an open secret that Hon Alex Egbona had contracted the services of Ekureku Traditional Rulers who were directed to subject PDP agents to swear to an oath constraining them from testifying against him at the Elections Tribunal despite overwhelming evidence proving that the contentious February 23, 2019 House of Representatives election was massively and ostensibly compromised in Ekereku 1&2.

3. We are not surprised about the persecution of PDP members in Ekureku as it has become evident that one cannot divorce violence from Alex Egbona's politics. A similar scenario played out in 2015 which led to loss of lives and properties. The trend only continued in 2019.

4. Barr Iwasam Adaga in the report, was emphatic on the issue and raised concerns accordingly without dragging any personality into the fray; not even a candidate's name was mentioned but characteristic of Dan Amor in his response, he violently attacked the House of Representatives candidate of the PDP, Rt. Hon John Gaul Lebo, in an attempt to discredit him and bring his personality to disrepute. 

5. Stemming from Dan Amor's response (2&3) to the (Barr Iwasam Adaga attributed) report, we wish to pose the following questions to Dan Amor:

A. Has qualification and actual representation at the National Assembly been reduced to philanthropy?
B. Is Abi/Yakurr Federal Constituency about Abi LGA alone?
Does a popular candidate need violence and voter intimidation to win election in his strongest support base?
C. Did APC defeat PDP in Adadama in the House of Representatives election?
D. What do you mean by "Abi/Yakurr ..... Adadama people overwhelmingly voted for Dr Alex Egbona...?"
E. What's your definition of the words "overwhelmingly voted..." in a situation your candidate lost election in 18 wards out of 23? While leaving nothing to chance, it is either Dan Amor doesn't know the meaning of the word "overwhelmingly" especially in the context of usage or he is obviously ignorant of the political realities concerning the last Abi/Yakurr Representatives seat election. He is equally ignorant of the politics of Abi/Yakurr federal constituency. Dan Amor, faraway in Abuja doesn't even know the complexities of Alex/APC case at the tribunal. Only the gullible will dance to the vague tune of Dan's melodious tantrums.

6. Usually, true winner of an election eagerly awaits the defence of his mandate at the tribunal but it is rather the PDP candidate that is eagerly waiting at the tribunal to reclaim his mandate. Clearly, Alex Egbona is suffering from atychiphobia and he knows that he is carrying a stolen mandate which would be retrieved and given to the rightful bearer by the tribunal. 

7. It is very unfortunate that (desperation driven) violence in this case has become the argument of a man who has run out of logic and clearly an indication that one's claims to political victory cannot prevail on their merits.

Indeed, violence is the last refuge of the incompetent and the weak who use violence as a strategy is at the verge of being extinguished by history.


Azogor Ideba
Director of Publicity/Spokesman
New Direction 2019

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