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20 days after, no cabinet —C/Riverians slam Ayade, PMB over perceived lackadaisicality

Nyok|18 June 2019 

The Executive Governor of Cross River State, Sen. Prof. Benedict Ayade has invoked public disappointment over his failure to announce designated appointments into the state cabinet sequel to his inauguration as governor for the second tenure NEGROIDHAVEN can say authoritatively. A similar sentiment has been directed at the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari. 

The perception is that His Excellency the state governor is not giving the serious business of governance the priority it deserves such that special reference has been made to a leaked video footage featuring Gov Ayade and his deputy, Prof Esu dancing Zanku to a tune. 

According to one Simon Utsu a public affairs analyst, 'My state's governor, Ben Ayade is yet to announce his cabinet 20 days after being sworn in for a second term. We saw him the other day dancing Gbe-body so merrily with his deputy who was energetically doing some off-rhythm old school moves. Maybe I need to remind some people that governance is serious business.'

Wofai Ewa the deputy governor candidate of the Social Democratic Party, SDP in the concluded 2019 general elections in the state suggested that Cross Riverians can wait endlessly for the list just like they did for President Muhammadu Buhari in 2015. According to him, 'He waited for Buhari in 2015, why are you expecting something different in 2019?' For Frankie Ifop the publisher of ParadiseNews the observation was, '20 days and counting, no cabinet in Cross River State'. 

Social commentator Peter Offem Ubi resident in the States corroborated Ewa when he said that the state governor is following after the footsteps of the President. Ubi observed that 'Don't worry, your governor is following in his masters(sic) footsteps. Sai Buhari!!'. According to Udam John, 'Probably he is waiting for his big daddy at Aso Rock.Body language...' Odey E. Ogbaji asked a rhetorical question: 'Ask your president if he has names his new cabinet...'

These isolated concerns where seen to be articulated yesterday through the various social media accounts of those already mentioned. Earlier on, especially a day after the swearing-in there were insinuations that His Excellency would have as much named appointments into four important offices, namely, Chief of General Staff, Secretary to the State Government, Chief Press Secretary and Chief Protocol Officer to the Governor. The governor has announced only Chief of Staff.

However, commenting on the development a public commentator Princewill Odidi who had noted that it was wrong for state governments to fail to announce a cabinet after this long, albeit explained that since the governor has announced the appointment of some Director Generals of state agencies the state may not suffer real lose. His reads in part, '... Ayade may not choose his cabinet next four years, it may have no effect on government, remember he has already appointed his core Director Generals that's more important'. 

Nevertheless, Odidi noted that the failure of the Federal Government to announce a cabinet spells doom for the economy of the country as it sends a wrong message to the international community. Odidi compared Nigeria with other African countries who have done otherwise already. He submitted that, 'every single day after inauguration that passes without forming your cabinet is time wasted and shows you were not ready from day one. Hope Buhari does not wait another six months only to recycle these same guys. 

'Check out South Africa, Liberia, even Ghana, from day one they announce their key team. Every day that passes is time wasted. International investors are waiting, this can be very frustrating. It sends a wrong message to the markets. The markets will like to know your new Finance and National Economic planning ministers. Don't give the world markets the impression all these has no influence to the stability of our domestic market.'

One Frank Anoh has this to say, his statement reads in part, 'since February and no appointments as if in the end he will travel to heaven to bring angels. No blame. He does not know that a government can only be said to have been formed after swearing him and when he has a cabinet.' In a similar vein, one Francis Bassey Inameti said, 'this government planned to fail from the beginning. There's no learning from past experiences. To them, four years sounds like forever. Perhaps there are plans to transmute to life presidency'. 

Their arguments seem to suggest that a reasonable government, whether state or federal should have put up a team to run the country.

An inquiry with a former appointee to the state governor in the first tenure revealed that the state governor is taking his time. The former public officer disclosed that the list will be out soon.

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