Thursday, 20 June 2019

Cross River : In Praise of Gov. Ayade's Rice Revolution —by Inyali Peter

20 June 2019 

As a critical thinker, when you see something good, it's timid, primitive and outrightly unpatriotic to want to kill yourself struggling to find a fault to condemn it just in a bid to impress a few people who hail you on social media as being a veracious critic.

Good criticism should be corrective and not destructive. Every good crtic is supposed to have good intensions to correct and not to condemn or destroy.

It's an open secret that I was one of a few Cross Riverians who had openly critique some projects and policies of the Governor Ben Ayade administration. But like I always say, my intentions has always been to bring out the best in the Govervnor and now that his effort is yielding results, I owe it a duty to say thank you to our dear Governor.

Dear Gov. Ayade, thank you for your efforts to ensure a paradigm shift from over reliance on the paltry monthly allocation from the federal government. Thank you for your Agric revolution especially the rice revolution. To be sincere, even me didn't understand the angle you were coming from until now. Perhaps as a Professor, it's not strange that some of us find it hard to understand some of your activities and your approach.

I'm very impressed that the state is making return of investment from the rice seedlings factory. This is indeed the first of it kind.

While other states were concentrating in rice farming, the Governor switched to rice seedlings. Can they be rice farming without adequate seedlings? 

With the agric revolution going on in the state, it's safe to say that, Gov. Ayade has made Cross River the hub of rice farming because I see the N3b contract from FG for the supply of rice seedlings to South South State as the beginning of more major contracts.

As usual, when the story of the contract from FG was published, many people doubted the government questioning where the seedlings would come from as many have questioned the sincerity in the rice seedlings factory. However, now that the first supply was delivered to Bayelsa State yesterday, Gov. Ayade has effectively responded to the doubting Thomases in the best manner ever.

Soon, I'm seeing a situation where Cross River state will not only be supplying to states in Nigeria but exporting rice seedlings to neighbouring countries.

It is my desire that all other lofty ideas of the Governor become a success like the Rice Seedlings Factory, Garment Factory amongst others.

Thank you Governor Ayade! Indeed, you've started your second term in a positive note. Cross Riverians who defiled party affiliation to overwhelming returned you for a second term can now be very proud of the decision they made.

Keep the good work going Sir.

Inyali Peter

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