Wednesday, 26 June 2019

Efik shines at Northwestern University as Duke dons traditional attire during graduation in Evanton, US

26 June 2019

Nikkita Duke LL.B., MFA recently made the Efik nation, Nigeria and Africa proud by insisting on donning her native Efik traditional attire on her graduation as Master of Fine Arts from the Northwestern University, Evanton, United States of America. According to an impeccable source, Duke insisted on the traditional attire with the theme: 'eyen Calabar' in the event which held on 20th June 2019. 

On the said graduation day ceremony at Northwestern University, Duke whose specialty is in Screen and Stage writing wore an outfit popularly known as Onyonyo, which was designed by her mother, Victoria Duke, a successful fashion designer with international reputation for most of her unique designs.

Speaking about her attachment to her culture and country, Duke observed that, '
One of my main reasons for writing is to raise awareness about my ethnic group, the Efik and Ibibio people who are rarely represented in literature. I am also tired of overdone stereotypes like the 'Nigerian Prince Scammer' and want to include my Nigerian people, their names, culture and quirks in most of my stories and always allow room for fresh and captivating narratives.'

Concerning her designer-mother, this is what Duke said, 'My mum's work is phenomenal and she made such a beautiful gown as usual and her designs always make me feel perfect. I also had the brass combs in my hair (edisat ukwak) and the staff (esang) all to be culturally visible as an Akwa Cross person and encourage others to be proud of their culture! I was lucky to have the support of both my mum and dad, Rt. Hon. Orok Duke, at the ceremony and it was a wonderful day.'

She has been offered a job in Warner Brothers, Hollywood already. 

Wasn't she stunning in her Onyonyo? Congratulations Duke on your achievement thus far. 

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