Wednesday, 26 June 2019

Eric Anderson's 'tax force' under fire for press release gone awry

Poorly written press release signed by Eric Anderson 
26 June 2019

A press release reportedly signed by the former Honourable Commissioner for Tourism, Eric Anderson, has gone awry over a poorly written release on behalf of the Government of Cross River State, CRSG.

We see wrong spelling of 'taxforce' instead of 'task force' in the first paragraph. In the second paragraph, we've 'residence' instead of 'residents'.

Last week, the Department of Public Transportation, DOPT headed by Godwin Nyiam had a poorly written release which sparked controversy principally because of its insensitivity to the implications of the death of a citizen.

It seems this is the era of government MDAs publishing poorly written releases.

Ini Imah has said that, 'In Nigeria, we don't take time to do things right, by following due steps. There are standard and procedures to follow before anything is being done; except in Nigeria. In Mass Comm 101 (sic), you don't release any publication without it being proofread.
Besides, you don't proofread it edit yourself in saner climes.

One Nten Ekpang has said: 'And to think that it was handwritten, passed on to a typist, and then to the Chairman who signed it, to those who pasted it and probably members of the taskforce, yet no one noticed it, is quite appalling. If you talk some people will ask if English is our language.'

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