Sunday, 16 June 2019

Fed University of Tech, Ogoja: Classroom teacher writes Ray Ugba Morphy

16 June 2019 

A classroom teacher resident in Ogoja has written a community leader of the same community to exploit his connection to further the cause of the establishment of the Federal University of Technology, Ogoja whose bill sponsored by the Honourable Member representing Ogoja/Yala Federal Constituency, Hon Jarigbe Agom Jarigbe has scales through third reading, endorsed by the Senate and presented for assent by the president. Below is an excerpt of the letter: 

Dear High Chief Ray U. Morphy, 

I am compelled to write you an open letter to help put it on record that once upon the time in the history of Ogoja, when the people need a vital link to get her wish, you were consulted to speak on our behalf.

Today, the Bill for the establishment of a Federal University of Technology here in Ogoja has been passed by the House of Representatives and concurred by the Senate. The bill has been transmitted to the president for assent.

I am writing to you because of your wealth of connection and network of top Nigerians who can pull strings in our favour.

I know that you are also very close to the president and it is on record that the president had a good relationship with your father, late chief Inyamigum Murphy.

Therefore, I bring before your table the wishes of the people of Ogoja. We need the assent of the president on the Bill proposing the establishment of a Federal University of Technology Ogoja.

You may not be our elected representative, but this is an opportunity to bless the people of Ogoja and indeed prosperity with your wealth of network.
I am convinced that you will do it for us.

No one pushed you to build bus stops that today is accommodating so many and holding some business in and around Ogoja.

You singlehandedly built a bridge for the people of Ukpagada in Nkum in Ogoja LGA that was neglected after it was destroyed during the civil war.

I know it will not be difficult for you to take this matter as a personal fight to bring the elephant home.

God bless you.

Mike Udam
Ordinary Class Room Teacher.

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