Monday, 17 June 2019

SHOCKING: What Nigerians are saying about anticipated Fed University of Tech Ogoja

17 June 2019

A cross section of Nigerians majority of whom are Cross Riverians have reacted to the news of the successful passage of the bill in the National Assembly, NASS to site a tertiary institution of learning in Ogoja, Cross River State. They are hopeful that the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari will assent to the bill. 

Some of the reactions are of the opinion that legislators should refrain from gifting cars, drainages, motorcycles, consumables etc as Constituency Projects but embark on sustainable initiatives which will influence the lives of Constituents. See excerpts of reactions below:

Nandi Bete 
The distribution of grinding machines, motor bikes and tokunbo cars in the name of empowerment should stop. Even Constituency projects like construction of culverts and drainages  should also come to an end. Jarigbe Agom has raised the bar!

Emeka Ugwuowu
He will never sign it, take it from me but if it is to be located in katsina or Kano he will sharply sign it.

Hussaini Suleiman 
We need as many universities, especially technological as possible in the country for our technological, economic and industrial development. However it takes great amount of funding to establish a modest, state-of-the-art university. Therefore, in order to have an objective, equity-based and fair method for their establishment, the earlier method, where a group of federal tertiary institutions are established at the same time all over the nation should be revisited, so that at the end, no state or region will complain of being under-established.

Ushie Ignatius 
Hon Jari has a penchant of touching people. For me, once that is established, even if you don't do anything again which if course I know you will do more, it will bring major change to the Ogoja people. Bravo MP

Pius Odey Aka 
Peopled centered Legislation. Parliament,  is indeed  a  vehicle for social engineering. Thanks so much Rt. Hon. Jarigbe Agom, history would forever be kind to you and your generation yet unborn.

Idaiyi IB Owabiji
How many Federal universities has Cross River? If I can think very well, there is one in Calabar. Can anyone name a state with two Federal universities? You answer the question and then, know the fate of that good bill. It is a painful reality. Congratulations in advance Cross Riverians.

Egbala Edom
Congratulations in advance. The site should be the former Federal school of Arts and Science, Ogoja and expand from there.

Chief Ray U. Morphy 
... Our brother who is our representative at NASS Jarigbe Agom has done a great job lobbying and pushing the bill through Parliament, I understand that the senate has concurred the bill. Let's thank him and his colleagues for that. Every Cross Riverian, indeed every Nigerian will benefit from that laudable idea when it commences. I believe in my heart that the President will assent to it because I know Ogoja is close to his heart. May God help us all to make the Federal University  Ogoja, a reality! Amen.  "The word of the Lord our God is yes and amen!"

Austine Usibe Eje Jnr 
Neji Michael  this will be great for the people of  ogoja ; attracting business opportunities in the area, which will help the state in the aspect of development and revenue

Pascal Igbang 
What a news to cheer about.This will be an epoch event if it comes to pass.And we shall reap the dividends.PDP,APC, LABOUR,YPP etc- this is the time to show that we're all GOJANS

Igilow Kings
This is a man with vision onlike Sen  Rose who just wasted 8 years fo nothing

Ikade Ernest 
Hon JaJarigbe is working unlike other of our representative I was live during the public hearing were he precised.this is d kind of leader we need in ogoja and Cross River at Large.

It's high time legislators, whether at federal, state or local council levels should give priority to sustainable, capacity building Constituency Projects not hand-to-mouth gifts. 

I pray the bill is assented to. 

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