Thursday, 1 August 2019

2023: Ayade's former aide sends strong worded message to C/River north... Read details here

L-R: Venatius Ikem has been reportedly bragging about retaining governorship in the North & Stanley Nsemo 
1 August 2019 

With the perceived misplaced increasing agitations of some power-intoxicated elements of Cross River Northern Senatorial District for office of Governor come 2023 a former aide to Gov Ben Ayade has addressed a strong-worded message to Nigerians from Cross River North reminding them of the principle of rotation. 

Stanley Nsemo the erstwhile DG of Cross River State Advertising and Signage Agency CRISSA in a recent statement titled: 'Our silence...the South never forgets' made available to the press has said that the brotherly agreement of rotating the office of governor between the three senatorial districts of the state be maintained. 

Nsemo who decried the disappointing turn of such agitations calling for the retaining of the plump office in the North observed that this political disposition was expected. He cautioned against misconstruing the silence of power centres of Cross River South for weakness. He reminded that the southern senatorial district has kept its part of the bargain and thus should enjoy completion. He further explained that the relative peace in the PDP is premised on this rotation. 

His words in part, 'There is an Efik proverb that says 'ama fre' ntak, ntak otogho'. The English translation of this age old wisdom is; 'when you forget the reason, that reason will revolt.' 

'I have always believed that when power is given, the true content of a person is revealed. Needless to say that the misplaced agitation for power to remain in the northern senatorial district from some of our brothers from the north is disappointing, but expected.

When HE Donald Duke was in power and it was the time of the central, various groups came up and tried to derail this brotherly agreement, but Gov Duke sat strong and supported the central senatorial zone. Abi produced Sen Imoke

Then it was HE Liyel Imoke's turn and he also got an ear full about how there was no arrangement and why he should support the south instead of the north(at this point, we also had a Minister and Chairman NDDC), and he as well knew history would judge his ability to resist that divisive use of power. Sen Imoke stood his ground as well and supported the north to produce their first Governor.

'Now the pen of history has moved into the hands of Prof Ayade, who has made it clear that this is a none issue. HE Ayade has built his governance on equity and peaceful coexistence of the three senatorial districts. He has given the south his word and I have taken that to the bank.

'Interestingly, the southern senatorial zone has always played it's part in standing for the zoning agreement. We in the south have thoughtfully supported this zoning arrangement understanding our strength politically and financially. 

'For us in the south, our silence in this renewed mirage talks is not a weakness, we understand that people are testing the waters to see if we are indeed united in thought and purpose. 

'To clarify my aforementioned proverb, these people singing the songs of "end the rotation" under the guise of it should be restarted, should know there is a reason why there has been peace in the PDP family. That peace and equity is forged respecting the power rotation...this is not the time to forget that power is given in trust. 

'When the central senatorial zone needed us, we stood strong. When the northern senatorial zone needed us, we stood strong. Now we will stand strong given the foundation we have built within the family...' 

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