Tuesday, 20 August 2019

ASUU Elections: Odok congratulates Edor J. Edor

20 August 2019 

Dr John Edor of Philosophy Department University of Calabar emerges as Chairman ASUU University of Calabar Branch.

Edor is my friend, brother, colleague in the Department of Philosophy. We both belonged to the Academy Group and G01 and were close associate of Prof Zana. The victory of Prof Zana as Vice Chancellor was partly a result of our strategic work.

Edor also doubles my relative, colleague in the Seminary, my PhD second supervisor. We both share the same area of specialization in our PhD in Philosophical Jurisprudence. We also are member of the Nigerian Bar Association besides our specialization in Philosophy.

Edor made history as the best Post Graduate President of the Alimongono Republic University of Calabar. His achievement as Post Graduate President within one year includes but not limited to a big KVA Generator and a borehole still in use since the expiration of his tenure in 2008. None before and after him has equalled his feat. Edor is one of the best brain in the University of Calabar today.

The emergence of Edor will hopefully initiate internal dispute resolution mechanism using the umbrella body of ASUU to resolve my issues with Unical.

Edor's victory is my victory. Congratulations to Edor, congratulations to Zana for his support of my brother

Below are the scores:

Dr. Jonas Akung, 52 votes
Dr .Kalu Ogbonna, 74 votes
Dr. Peter Ubi, 285 votes
Dr. Edor J. Edor, 421 votes.

Joseph Odok PhD Esq writes from Abuja 

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