Wednesday, 14 August 2019

How to Market on Social Media (part 1) —by Justus Inspire

14 August 2019 

Sometimes, we think marketing is only about persuading a person to buy from us by making a direct pitch "here is this product, it can help you do so and so buy now" or " you need so and so product to help you in so and so" and expect people would rush in and start placing their orders, just because you have an amazing product or because you ask them to buy. No!

Marketing is the art of creating long lasting connection with people and then being relentlessly helpful. 

Two key things stands out:

1.Creating lasting connection
2. Being relentlessly helpful.

If you want to succeed marketing your products or services on social media, that is the approach you need to take. 

Focus on being helpful to your target audience and in the process, you create a long lasting relationship (connection) with them that sales of your product or service becomes easy. 

As a business seeking to take advantage of social media for sales, you need to develop a system that enables you achieve both aspects on a daily basis. 

And one of the systems you would need to focus on is your content creation system. 

1.What type of content should you be creating for your target audience that would be helpful to them ?

2. What platforms are your target audience so you can know what format would best serve them?

3. You need to know that because you seek to develop a relationship, it happens over a period of time, so frequency and consistency are important.

4. When can you wrap an offer to them within your content to help them make a buying decision?

5. How can you offer them your product to buy without losing sight of helping them?

That's why you need to think of it as a system. It's something you do repeatedly so that you get predictable results. 
It takes time, of course marketing takes time but with this, if mastered very well, you can wrap helping content with amazing offers and make money instantly but focus on helping. 

When it comes to this, you can't do random things. Intentionality is the name of the game.

Content allows people to know if you're a fit for them. As they interact with your content, it helps people you are targeting to know if they need you and get them to invest monetarily in your business.  

The more strategic the content you provide, the more you build trust. The more you build trust, the more influential you become. The more you build influence, the more you can sell to them and the more you sell, the more money you make.

So today, decide to focus on building relationships and helping people online through your contents. 

How have you been going about your marketing on your social media page? 

Do you think you need to audit your social media page and your content strategy? 

Share in the comment section.

Justus Inspire is a UI/UX designer and can be reached at 

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