Thursday, 15 August 2019

How to Market on Social Media (part 2) —by Justus Inspire

15 August 2019 

Developing your systems and processes 1

All marketing tactics always have an end in mind. It is always important for you to ask the question, "What would success look like for my business online?". 

If you don't know how you'll measure success, how will you know if you got there? And if you don't know what your goals are, how will you know what to measure?

All marketing and advertising is reliant on influence. Businesses want to influence consumers to become aware of, consider, and eventually purchase their products. Consumers are influenced by all manner of brand communications, whether from the brand directly through traditional advertising (TV ads, print ads, online display ads, radio spots, and so on) or from word-of-mouth endorsements from friends and family.

The entire marketing ecosystem is dependent on influence. 

But in our current advertising-everywhere climate, where consumers are constantly bombarded with brand noise and competing messaging, who gets heard? How do consumers decide who to listen to? Who actually wields the power to influence?

It's the person who is intentional about their messaging and focused on building a (relationship) connection and helping their customers intentionally. I wrote about this when I defined what marketing is in part 1 of this post. 

You don't just post content randomly hoping one day you will get a customer from your post that is what is called spray and pray, which is not a sustainable marketing tactics online. 

And influence is built overtime of creating and delivering valuable contents. And to do this, you need to develop systems and processes. I wrote about content creation system in part 1 and another system is your funneling system. A funnel system is a journey through which you will take your followers through from the first day they discover your valuable post to the point where they begin to make an investment in themselves through you by buying your product or services. If not, you will just be giving value on an endless loop and not channel your influence gained into profits for your business. It is intentional and you need to put this    systems and processes in place. So you can predict your outcomes.

If you must win big on social media, you must develop that system and process intentionally and onboard your followers on. And part of this process requires you play by the rules of the game of social network being social. You sell online by intentional giving out information that brings value to people not by being commercial. It is a social network be social and intentional.

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