Thursday, 22 August 2019

Junior Minister for Power: What Nigerians are saying about Jeddy-Agba's portfolio

22 August 2019 

President Muhammadu Buhari Wednesday assigned portfolios to the 43 Ministers whom he sworn into his cabinet. Prince Goddy Jeddy-Agba from Cross River was assigned the junior minister in the Ministry of Power. This development has sparked profound discontent among Nigerians resident and indigenous to Cross River State. 

While some Cross Riverians have gone to social media to congratulate the former GMD (Crude Marketing) at the NNPC, this gesture is without either registering their condemnation or commendation of the assigned portfolio. The opinion is that Jeddy-Agba is better off at Petroleum ministry than power where he deputises Sale Mamman. Others have said Buhari does not mean well for Cross Riverians. While others have said that with this portfolio, Nigeria is a joke, the reactions also decried the fact that Cross River nominee was assigned a junior role etc. 

For instance, Joseph Umera has said concerning Jedy-Agba 'This is not appropriate. He has a good wealth of experience in the oil sector, why give him power. Nigeria is still joking. Let's learn from what developed countries are doing if we want to be developed.' Agaji Ntamu said 'I think it's high time we agree in strong terms that the APC Federal Government has no serious plans for Cross River in their scheme of things. The earlier we realise and admit it the better for us all.'  While Archibong Ekeng submitted thus 'Absolute nonsense, is that the ministry he should be, even as a Minister for State? Government without bearing.' 

On his part, one Imojara Godwin Imojara 
noted thus 'Why power na!! Kai. It's even junior Minister. Kai' Sally Ofuka argued '... Prince Goddy Jeddy Agba-Minister for power state, under the president. Mtcheww. Funny country.' Ud Ofem observed that 'When I say the country don cast, na like the ministerial portfolios portray. Jedy's portfolio is quite disheartening, it's not okay to say the least but for Keyamo it serves him right. In saner climes, some of them for suppose resign but in Nigeria, since it's always about self interest than service delivery, to dem, e fit no quansign them which ministry they are given because e go fit be a case of "atol, atol nahim be winch" or "e no good, e no good, e dey help". So, if "atol atol" is the case, I rejoice with them... Itz a Next Level somchin, leggo dia!!! Elder Justice Eyakene frowned thus 'Junior Minister! A blessing or a curse after spending over 2billion naira to buy ministerial slot.' 
While Christopher Okemini said 'Can he muster the courage that will make a difference with this junior portfolio? God help him. Congratulations to him.' 

For Richie Romanus it is 'At a time Cross Riverians are still swimming in the euphoria of constant power supply in the State Capital from the completed 23 megawatt power plant by Governor Ben Ayade, BOOM, we now have a Cross Riverian as Minister of State for Power. Is the future not bright? Congratulations Prince Jeddy Agba.'  And for Okayim Paul it is 'Congratulations to Mr. Goddy Jedy-Agba, OFR, on your portfolio as Minister of Power (State). This is a blessing to Cross Riverians especially Northern Cross River that has suffered epileptic power supply for a long period of time. We now have an opportunity to liberate ourselves from this long-overdue darkness.'

But Peter Ikpen Ilefa says that 'Power is category A ministry. CRS is not oil producing State, u can't give what u don't have.'

Meanwhile, a breakdown of the spread of the portfolio across the 6 geopolitical zones of the country looks like this, North Central had 4 Senior ministers and 4 junior ministers, North East has 2 Seniors and 4 Juniors, while North West has all 9 Senior ministers, as South East clinch on 3 Seniors and 3 Juniors; South South has 3 Seniors and 4 Juniors. South West has 5 Seniors and 2 Juniors.

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