Thursday, 15 August 2019

This is not for Okoi Obono-Obla

15 August 2019 

This test is not his test.

The hard truth that President Buhari and the APC-led Government will come to realise sooner than later is that this test, this trial, is theirs; not for Chief Okoi Obono-obla.

President Buhari and the APC are the ones who on the hot seat. The questions being asked are not directed at Obono-obla, the questions are questions Buhari and APC will answer today, tomorrow and forever.

Why is a government who swore to fight corruption purportedly sacrificing it's most dogged corruption fighter on the altar of politics, nepotism and filthy lucre? 

Is it not a disgrace and a testament of grand ineptitude on the part of the government that a Chairman of an anti-corruption body is being purportedly removed on the pages of social media? Is that how to hire and fire in any adminstration that understands the nuances and optics of governance? 

Why is an anti-corruption body that has recovered billions in cash and property for the government and people of Nigeria being accused of overzealousness? Is it true that overzealousness is now being defined as touching some certain persons and investigating some sacred cows?

These facts are now in the public. These questions are now being asked. And if President Buhari and the APC-led Government think these questions are not theirs to answer, then, with the deepest respects, they are being deluded.

Mr President this your test. I hope you pass it sir.

- First Baba Isa (FBI) is a Legal Practitioner and writes from Abuja.

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