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Why do you hate Cross River State ?: An Open Letter to Sen. Prof. Benedict Ayade

26 August 2019 

I have made it clear that I am not particularly impressed with the governance of my State Governor, Prof. Sen. Benedict Ayade (the title Prof. with emphasis) even though I have my admiration for his intellect. 

In the discourse of Cross River State politics, the conduct of the man currently at the helm of affairs is a bad case to defend even if you happen to be a staunch believer in him. I believe he (Prof. Ayade) is an epic symbol failed expectations and a failed leader. In my observation of the Governor, I often unwittingly ask myself and those I talk to 'what Cross River State did to this man' to deserve such spite from him. Surprisingly, the man comes across as being on a mission of revenge against the State for some wrong doing. 

Let's make no mistakes; leadership failure is nothing new. It happens all over the world and has been an issue since the dawn of humanity and advent of civilizations. What is strange about the ongoing Cross River experience under Prof. Ayade is that the man we are dealing with seems intent, calculated and strategic in destroying the State. In fact this man appears to be ON A MISSION inimical to our collective well being as a people. At different fora, I have challenged his declining and retreating supporters to show us 'one block of concrete' their man has molded for Cross River State. Often in their strenuous response is nothing more than pointers to lies, deceit, fakery, trickery, mockery of our collective intelligence in pattern strictly adhering to their rule book of arrant, blatant, and fragrant political gimmick. 

For the records, it is crucial to go over some of Ayade's and his shrinking supporter's lines of deception which include building a Deep Seaport, a Super Highway, CalaVegas, Calipharm which are actually the lesser of other galactic, superlative imaginary projects. And most recently, the Obudu International Airport has been added to that constellation. 
Note that these are not pipedreams. If we were dealing with different individual, we could ignore this bamboozling as a guzzling of pipedreams. But on the contrary, we are dealing with not just Ayade, but a PROFESSOR AYADE ably backed up by a PROFESSOR IVARE ESU - a duo that is constantly proving to be a tag-team of conmen gone off a moral leach. So we cannot possibly and justifiably see their antics as a mere pipedream. A pipedream would put Cross River in a far better position. In the aforementioned lines of their deception, I have with caution voiced my support for the Super Highway albeit knowing the Governor is too indisposed for its implementation.

Nevertheless, at the moment there is a far more urgent issue before us as a people. This issue is capable of ruining any reputation we have left as a State under the Ayade era. It will cut our children's future off and plunge us into total darkness. This is an issue about the Cross River State Library Complex sitting close to the U.J Esuene Stadium, Calabar.

If you reside in Calabar, you would easily agree with me that the Cross River State Library Complex is in its worst state under a government ironically led by a team of Professors.

I have read a number of articles in which people have voiced concerns over the same issue but all seem to have fallen on deaf ears of a government that prefers to spend our money street-partying, gallivanting all over the place and blaring sirens rather than carrying out the very basic functions of governance. 

Yes Your Excellency, we see your signage littered everywhere saying 'Ayade is Working.' Although it should rather be said 'Ayade is Patching' can you kindly extend your work to patch the fallen walls of our State Library Complex, Sir? Yes, someone said "Ayade should stop working so Cross River State will work".. very apt but Your Excellency Sir, we need you to patch this library before you stop working altogether. There are a million and one reasons you should save this structure but I will mention only a few to you:

1. This structure is within your official neighborhood being literally a stone throw from your office and official residence. Hence you possibly see it every day you go to work. Does this not make any meaning to you?

2. You are a professor and your Deputy is not just a professor but a former Vice Chancellor of a University and it is a library we are talking about here. It is therefore a shame that the symbol of learning of a State led by professors is in such state of disrepair. Our library now looks like the ruin of war. This should touch you!

3. This project is one of the least things you can do but one that can reclaim your lost reputation as a man of intellect and learning. Yes I say everyday that you are a man of great intellect but this acclaim you rather appear to spit on.

4. This project at its most ambitious budget will cost far less than 10 million naira. Your government spends far more in less interesting and less enterprising projects even though you claim to be repositioning the State for enterprise. What can be more enterprising than maintaining the emblem of knowledge which the State Library represents?

I believe you can rise to this occasion. It is indeed the least of problems challenging your government but the most embarrassing to your personal and political reputation. Please act Your Excellency, Sir!

Upon investigation, it was gathered however that the contract for the said repair has been awarded already. Unfortunately, the signals indicate the project is stalled when absolutely nothing has been done. We demand answers to why a project as critical and urgent as this one will delay for so long or be possibly abandoned with such impunity. 

Your Excellency sir, it is true that Cross River has become all too accustomed to your failed promises however, this one is too important to be ignored. This stalled project will be an insult to the dignity of the State and a spectacular dent on your image. Do not forget if you turn a deaf ear to this public appeal, posterity will never be deaf to your name.

With the current state of the library the safety of both the collection and personnel cannot be guaranteed especially with the heavy rainfall. This is an emergency and the personnel working there are human beings deserving of more dignity. The books in there are pearls, our future which you, by not calling the contractor(s) to order (if indeed awarded) have abandoned to the elements, both human and natural.
Indeed this is a collective shame we must all share from. 

Nevertheless "to whom much is given, much is expected." Thus, it should be especially embarrassing for the elected officials chief of whom you are as Governor. From the state legislators to our three Senators, and more recently, Prince Goddy Jedy-Agba appointed Federal Minister, we beg you all to come to our rescue by restoring this important structure. This need not be a Government project as any of these individuals, just as any well meaning individual can intervene out of pocket. Given the urgency, we are not strictly advocating a full renovation. Just a restoration of the fallen section will be enough for now.

Finally Your Excellency, this issue is under your watch and your name is currently at the top of the roster of all Cross Riverians. I look forward to writing you another letter thanking you for saving our face.


Thank you and God bless your Excellency.

Awan Ayang.

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