Monday, 9 September 2019

Blackface is 15 years late... Read details here

9 September 2019 

Nigerian social commentator Simon Utsu, has taken a swipe at BlackFace one of the trio of Plantashun Boiz in respect of his recent piece, African Queen. For him, the artist is 15 years late. Hear him out:

'This morning, I listened to the African Queen version just released by Blackface and since then, I can't just have enough of it. I can tell you authoritatively that it sounds better than 2Face's. Blackface's is pure Raggae while 2Face's came under the R&B genre.

'BUT... Blackface is 15 years late. Dude should move on. In fact, I can tell you for free that if the roles were reversed and Blackface was the one who released the Face to Face album under Kennis Music, he wouldn't have blown or even if he did, he would have fizzled out in less than 3 years. There is more to life than talent... destiny & grace play much more pivotal roles in one's success than talent. 

'Yesterday, I watched Akon being interviewed on the breakfast club, an American radio show, where he was asked why he never got the necessary credit for the talents he discovered, the Lady Gagas, the Tpains, Kardinal Official and even African talents like PSquare, Wizkid and Davido that he signed and introduced to the American market. He reply was very deep! He said Wizkid, Davido & PSquare never honoured the contracts they signed with his Konvict music label but that he never took offence because he saw himself like a big brother to them and also because he was just playing a divinely ordained role in their lives; to help them fulfil destiny. 

'He also said even if he didnt come into the picture, someone else would have helped them fulfill it same way so he saw it as a privilege to be involved and cared less about getting financial or emotional gratification, kickbacks or even exploring the legal angle as it could/may have hampered their creativity. What a great guy!!! Austin Ahmedu(hope I got his name right) aka Blackface should borrow a leaf from Akon's playbook and chill... 

'Tuface's success isnt responsible for your failure. You should be thankful that you were used by the forces of nature to bring him into the Plantashun Boiz group thereby giving him a platform to blossom and become a household name continent wide.'

Do you agree with Utsu? Is BlackFace truly that late? 

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