Tuesday, 17 September 2019

C/River schools resume without JSS 1, SSS 1 & SSS 3, teachers rendered redundant

17 September 2019

Fresh session for the 2019/2020 educational year for post-primary schools across Cross River State, Monday began without student occupants for Junior Secondary School One (JSS 1), Senior Secondary School One (SSS 1) and Senior Secondary School Three (SSS 3) classes NEGROIDHAVEN has confirmed. 

Post-primary schools authorities in both public and private school facilities are experiencing a temporary challenge with classifying students. 

Post-primary schools operations in Cross River have been truncated by reasons of the failure of pupils/students to sit for the mandatory First School Leaving Certificate (FSLC) examinations, the junior secondary school examination and mock examinations before which SSS 2 students proceed to SSS 3.

As it stands now, teachers of JSS 1, SSS 1 and SSS 3 classes have been rendered redundant as there are no classes to be taught. These classes are literally empty.
This development will continue for the next two weeks as these examinations will commence Tuesday.

According to a source intimate with the development indigenes and residents of the state cannot enrol for admissions into JSS 1 classes or SSS 1 because they did not sit for the mandatory examinations. Enrolment can only be possible for intending students from other states of the federation. According to the source who pleaded anonymity, 'If you spread the scheme of work for a term, you will discover that we will not be teaching for the next two weeks for that SSS 1 classes because they are writing an examination that will waiting for the results before they will be moved to SSS 1'. 

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