Saturday, 7 September 2019

Hon Frank Ovat felicitates with people of Appiapum on occasion of new yam festival

7 September 2019 

Press Release: Honourable Member fecilitate with Appiapum on Occasion of New Yam Festival 

It is with profound respect, love and joy that I convey to you warm congratulations and share my feelings with you on this occasion of Appipum New Yam festival given to us by God through our past fathers. 

I'm encouraged to reach out to you because of my deep conviction that you share in our collective desire to serve humanity and provide an enabling environment for the individual and collective growth of Obubra Local government area especially Obubra || State constituency. 

Interestingly, the Appiapum New Yam festival has come to stay and we'll celebrate it religiously in accordance with the spirit of our great fathers and no one can deny us this celebration. 

Therefore, as we celebrate this year's New Yam festival, may we do it with decorum, shun trouble and all negative tendencies. I implore you especially the youths to be of good behaviour during and after the festival period. 

As we celebrate, may it be an oppotunity to make peace and reconciliation. May we learn to forgive others for ills done to us and also seek for forgiveness if we have wronged anyone. Peace is everyone's business, let's collectively stand for peace and progress. 

Let us use this rare occasion to visit the motherless homes, share with the less privileged and poor of the poorest in our communities. Let us exchange gifts and delicious meals with joy in our hearts and wide smiles on our faces. The celebration should be carried beyond political, religious and tribal boundaries through sending gifts to neighbours and neighbouring communities. 

I implore every youth to keep their homes and the entire community clean by clearing their footpaths. 

The New Yam celebration marks the end of a long and painful season of starvation, the new yam is finally here, let's celebrate especially because the official celebration is observed once in seven years even though it is harvested every year.

Do accept my warmest greetings, please. 

Happy New Yam festival and Congratulations 

Hon. Frank Ovat
Member, Obubra || state constituency.
7th September 2019 

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