Wednesday, 11 September 2019

It now takes 4 hrs, 30 mins as against 1 hr, 30 mins to reach Uyo from Calabar

11 September 2019 

As worsening condition of road network infrastructure in Cross River appreciates the average time of travel has increased leading to the gross disappointment of commuters NEGROIDHAVEN can say authoritatively.

Our correspondent learnt that the average time of travel from Calabar the state capital city to Uyo the capital of neighbouring Akwa Ibom has increased by 200%. It has increased from one hour and thirty minutes to a whooping four hours thirty-six minutes. 

Ikakke Bassey an entrepreneur and management consultant in the state registered his dismay yesterday after embarking on a rather tortuous journey from Calabar to Uyo. According to him, 'on the worsening conditions of the road. It actually took me 4 hours 36 minutes to reach Uyo from Calabar, as against 1 hour 30 minutes. That's 3 hours 6 minutes of wasted active man-hours. That's exactly the duration of time Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, Alice Walton need to make 3 million USD.'

Continuing he added, 'Worst still, in Nigeria you pay Light bills and you won't see light, and would have to generate your own power - even with scarce petrol sometime. Aside paying the light bills, you'll contribute to buy transformer and cables for connection in your locality, yet you won't have light. You'll pay water bills and you can't drink the water, you need to buy your sachet or bottle (pure) water.

'You'll pay taxes but you can't find road to commute for your business or transport your goods. You pay taxes but you can't send your ward to public schools. You'll have to pay heavily at a private school.'

Bassey who heaped the blame on public officers alleging that they have no inherent capacity for taking decisions in favour of the masses observed that, 'Truth is, if a great majority of our political leaders have shame, they would stop blowing siren, stop promoting fanfare events, stop dancing "awilo"; they would fold their sleeves and get back to work. You've got nothing to laugh or dance about. Absolutely nothing! But you've got every reason to work and let's see in your demeanor that you're a collection of serious individuals. 

'It just seem to me sometime that some of our political leaders have no memory space for decision making. Enough of this mediocrity!' his statements read in part.

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