Monday, 9 September 2019

Jungle Justice: Nigerian Police rescues suspected phone thieve in Calabar

Unidentified, suspected thieve who was almost lynched yesterday in Calabar 
9 September 2019

An unidentified young man who is suspectedly a phone thief was rescued from being lynched on Sunday afternoon in Calabar. 

The suspected thief who was spotted at Mayne Avenue by Okpo Ene streets in Calabar South already surrounded by a crowd was rescued by officers of the Nigerian Police.

Unconfirmed reports has it that 'this guy almost killed someone in a bid to snatch the guy's phone 2 weeks ago'. His Waterloo would have been that Sunday.

The notice of the police may have been drawn by one of the onlookers probably through a phone call or social media. The crowd were seen to be videoing him with their mobile devices as he sat haplessly on the ground being interviewed while having a car tyre hanging over his neck.

But for the intervention of the police he would have been lynched. He already had the beating of his life. Jungle justice should be discouraged. 

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