Thursday, 19 September 2019

Odok not sent to jail, C'River born int'l journalist clarifies

19 September 2019 

Obaji Akpet, Cross River-born documentary film maker and travel Journalist has waded into the rumours bothering on alleged imprisonment of controversial former University don and social commentator Joseph Odok PhD NEGROIDHAVEN can say. 

For Akpet, the failure of Odok to meet bail terms does not translate to to his imprisonment. 

According to the travel journalist, 'I learnt Joseph Odok has been locked up for not meeting bail conditions due to an alleged matter that he pushed the hard limits when he suspected his wife was being exploited by her boss. 

'Inasmuch as I may not be a fan to Odok in some respect I still love to clear the air, Odok only could not meet up bail conditions, didn't mean he has been charged to prison. Is a mathematics adding up here? And don't forget, pending on the judge bail conditions can be stringent sometimes. If you want this explained further ask me directly who has been to court severally to aide the release of one activist or the other. 

'Just as we are not celebrating the incarceration of Agba Jalingo with trumped up charges, so I don't celebrate that of Odok'. 

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