Saturday, 21 September 2019

Partners for Peace marks World Peace Day in environmentally-threatened community in C/River

21 September 2019

Partners for Peace in the Niger Delta P4P Saturday observed the World Peace Day in Calabar, Cross River. It celebrated the day in environmentally-threatened community Nyanghasang in the Calabar Municipality area. 

While addressing the audience of community residents at the Town Hall the State Coordinator of P4P Dr Moses Abang introduced the civil society group Partners for Peace as a network supported by the Foundation of Partners Initiative in the Niger Delta PIND whose mission is to build social capital around peace building through amplifying the voices of positive actors, building a network of self-identified agents of peace and leveraging that network to facilitate peace. 

He traced the root cause of climate change to human activities especially burning of fossil fuel which in turn lead to environmental challenges. He particularly drew the cause of massive ravins in the community to the negative intervention of CFC gases which leads to overheating of the earth, which results in melting of glaciers, over-flooding and ravin. 

Dr Abang revealed that the indulgence of CFC gases especially through the purchase and ownership of more than one vehicle by an individual would result in contributing carbon dioxide to the atmosphere. 

He advised that as little as switching off light bulbs, air conditioners, and reduction of tree cutting when not in use would help in mitigating against climate change. At a larger scale, he observed that subsidies on fossil fuel, focus on green economy, and use of renewable energy would mitigate against climate change. 

Victor Chimezie of Mind Reformers Network and facilitator while addressing the audience encouraged the community to be involved in public matters. According to him, 'The change we need is imbeded in human beings, so education is apt; as well as holding government accountable where there is weakness in governance.

Nyanghasang in Calabar is home to life-threatening ravins. 

World over 21st September is designated International Day of Peace. 

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