Sunday, 1 September 2019

Treason, terrorism charges against Jalingo can't be won in court —legal expert

1 September 2019 

The treason and terrorism charges slammed against journalist Agba Jalingo of CrossRiverWatch by the Governor of Cross River State has been faulted by a legal practitioner, First Baba Isa NEGROIDHAVEN can say. 

In a four count charge contained in a charge sheet with number FHC/CA/59C/2019 publisher Jalingo was charged with terrorism, treason, disturbance of public peace and violence against governor Ben Ayade. 

Lawyer Isa has said that the charges cannot win in court, or morality. Isa who said this can not be legacy observed that the state governor is demystifying the personality of the governor while canonising Jalingo. 

Isa who expressed disappointment said, 'Please help me tell the governor, that he should retrace his steps in this regard. He cannot win this in law. He cannot win it in morality. He cannot win this in legacy. He is dymystifing himself while canonizing Jalingo.' 

Writing earlier he observed 'I have just been informed that Agba Jalingo has been charged with "treason" and "terrorism" by the Cross River State Government. That Professor Ben Ayade has accused the journalist of trying to overthrow him through online publications in Cross River Watch. 

'I'm still struggling to believe this. How can the Learned Professor not see how ridiculous this is? How can one of the most exposed and brilliant men I know not see that this route will never work or end well? How can a man I secretly admire as an ethical politician not see how unethical and laughable this is? How can the Governor not see that this move will certainly increase Agba Jalingo and decrease Ayade, now and in history books? How can his retinue of aides and advisers stand by and watch him take this epic fall?

'I can't believe the governor can make such a slip. Hubris, O hubris.

'This is not how the governor wants to be remembered. The truth is now glaring that some of us love Ayade more than those he is paying salaries. That's why my heart bleeds for his legacy.'

Jalingo was abducted by men of the Nigerian Police at his Lagos residence on 22nd August 2019 for alleging a fraudulent use of N500, 000, 000 state fund by the Cross River State Government. He has been in police detention since then. 

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