Wednesday, 2 October 2019

Are we Truly Independent as a Nation? —by Princewill Odidi

2 October 2019 

Are we truly independent as a nation? Since 1999, most state governors sell the entire assets belonging to the state to themselves under phony companies and no one raises a voice. 

Are we independent or under a new form of colonialism? What we have today is worst than what the British colonialist did. The colonialist built quarters and left it to be used by civil servants, but our Governors build and sell to themselves. Our governors come to office and in the name of privatization sell all state assets to themselves. In all of these the people keep quite and would even fight the whistle blowers. 

Our draculean governments are arresting and jailing whistle blowers everyday, today is independence why celebrate when your brothers are in jail? What are we celebrating? Independence? From what? 

Our problem may not have been the whiteman, we are our own problem. We keep quite while our leaders destroy our commonwealth. This is not time to celebrate it is time to weep for our country. It is not Europe that underdeveloped Africa, it is Africans that are under developing Africa. Our own brothers are our biggest problem. We have nothing to celebrate rather we need to put on rags and sack cloths and mourn for our country. We have nothing to celebrate we need to mourn for our unborn children. 

A man is said to be independent when he can feed himself, cloth himself and house himself. How then can we prove to the world we are independent? What is there to celebrate? Dilapidated roads and schools? Run down hospitals? Are we celebrating hunger and poverty? We should be true to ourselves for once. 

What exactly are we celebrating? Until the common man rise up and take back their country from these colonial vestiges who have held Africa hostage over the years, we are not yet independent. The reason is simple. 

Independence mean freedom, our today is worst than our yesterday. Are we really independent? Just relax and think about it as you celebrate!

Princewill Odidi is a social commentator. 

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