Thursday, 3 October 2019

#DiaryOfAnAfricanBlogger: Isn't it? —by Efio-Ita Nyok

3 October 2019 


He said N500m of public money is missing, but they denied. I'd thought that the usual thing to do was to prove him wrong by telling or showing us where the money is/was... Or, isn't it?

They approached the Nigerian Police saying he's disturbing the peace, the zombie police invited him in turn... Or, isn't it? 

He told the police that he'd show up as invited but, on a latter day, the police even rescheduled it further... Or, isn't it?

He said I will show up to the police station with Eyo O. Ekpo, James Ibor and other prominent lawyers including the media... Or, isn't it?

They said alas, he'd show up like a hero which he actually is, they asked the zombie police to frustrate that heroic entry and they obliged... Or, isn't it?

They showed up in Lagos on the 22nd of August, ceased him and dragged him to the ancient city of Calabar via a tortuous road journey... Or, isn't it?

Since then, it's over 40 days in fact 41 days he's incarcerated —they changed the charge to terrorism, disturbance of the peace and overthrow of the government... Or, isn't it?

Till now, they can't prove the allegation... They're gallivanting with this and that but his freedom is compromised... Or, isn't it?

I have learnt that they're asking him to apologise for asking —this is disgusting. Are we in a democracy or a tyranny? Will the hand of Esau but the voice of Jacob be a dictator forever?... Or, will s(he)? 

Can they just answer the question Agba Jalingo asked few months ago? If they've forgotten can I re-ask : Where is the —N500m understood to have been domiciled at the State Microfinance Bank... Or, is it too much to ask?!

Is tyranny, dictatorship, intimidation, marginalisation, suppression, mediocrity... Not fine like this... Isn't it?


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