Tuesday, 29 October 2019

Efik Eburutu : The Beauty of Africa's Cultural Beauties —Holyns Hogan

29 October 2019 

Foremost, I definitively begin by stating prima facie that Efik, as a name given to the culture and people of a unique ethnic nation in CRS, Nigeria, is a popular global cultural tourism and hospitality destination. This information historically dates from the period before Christianity and British Colonialism arrival in Africa in the 1800s and is evident in  realities and abstracts linked to Efik. 

History tells us that Efik culture and people are one of the very best found in the world and are rated highly and most famous in Nigeria and West Africa. Little wonder there is always much to seek, find, learn, value, custody, reference, promote or ever LOVE about Efik land and its people. 

Need I mention or remind everyone that the land is peaceful, beautiful, productive, green and clean, with historically unbeatable elegance of taste in style and fashion that virtuously thrive as exceptional natural aesthetic and cultural outlook /essence. 

Perhaps, we can further believe or argue that the accompanying pictures not just provide visual attestation to the truth that Efik is culturally rich, fashionable and colourful but empirically assert Efik civilization as one with very few (if any) equals in history. 

The pictures clearly show why it is difficult to scholarly undermine the believe that what is today called English long [designed] gowns are not borrowed and modified Efik "Onyónyó". I am equally tempted to believe by the pictures that even the British Tail shirts /coats were invented after Efik's "Mbem Ntie /Owot Ata Ukang". Right or Wrong is a story for the gods. All that matters now is the argument but the fact that Efik is indeed the BEAUTY OF ALL AFRICAN CULTURAL BEAUTIES. 


With full credits to used pictures original source, I thank Bassey Regina for the understanding that I lifted the pics from her wall for educational purpose. Thus, every credit or blame for attached pics (if any) are as acknowledged. 

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