Saturday, 19 October 2019

Joseph Odok charged for terrorism and cybercrime... Read details here

L-R : Charge sheet and Joseph Odok 
19 October 2019

Influential critic of Cross River indigenisation but resident in Abuja has been accused of terrorism and cybercrime against the Federal Government of Nigeria and the Chief of Staff to His Excellency the Executive Governor of state, Martin Orim.

This information is contained in the charge sheet with the details : FH/CA/78c/2019 which reads in part : 'that you Joseph Odok... did incite Cross Riverian (sic) to declare full blown war between the people of Ogep Oso and Oku people of Cross River against themselves and carry out various unlawful acts to wit: terrorism'.

Continuing the charge sheet reads : 'That you Joseph Odok... published a false statement on social media on your Facebook account titled why Martin Orim must call his killer cult brother "General Iron" to order to cause alarm, hatred and disturb public peace in Cross River State for the purpose of bringing the reputation of Martin Orim and annoy him, which you knew it will cause insult, enmity, hatred and ill will and cause the people of Cross River to launch an attack on him...'

Through her social media account, Odok's wife Cecilia has wondered how Odok an avid supporter of president Muhammadu Buhari will want to terrorise the Federal Government. According to her 'the government he worked for wonder shall never end... they said my husband is fighting Buhari he has worked for'. 

The arrest, and subsequent detention of this popular critic of Prof. Ben Ayade, Governor of Cross River, Odok Esq by the Nigerian Police has invoked sympathy and sparked controversy. 

The case which is between Odok and the Federal Government of Nigeria is slated to be heard on Tuesday 22nd October 2019. 

Odok was arrested on Thursday 26th September at his residence in Abuja by two police officers of SARS unit of the Nigerian Police who according to his wife, Cecilia had been trailing him for two weeks. He is a prominent critic of Governor Benedict Ayade who was almost assassinated over two years ago. He left Calabar for Abuja where he had been with his wife and children until his arrest. 

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