Monday, 28 October 2019

Ofem Nelson Vs Eni Charles Ikpi : Comr Eteng Eteng calls for truce

L-R: Nelson Ofem, Eteng Eteng and Charles Ikpi 
28 October 2019 

Eni Charles Ikpi the All Progressives Congress APC House of Assembly candidate for Yakurr I State Constituency at the 2019 general elections is contesting the victory of Hon Nelson E. Ofem of the People's Democratic Party PDP at the polls. 

However, Eteng Eteng the Young Democratic Party YDP House of Assembly candidate in the said election for the same state constituency has called for a truce. 

Eteng who came third in the said election and from Aneja in Ijom ward in Yakurr I State Constituency said that the continued legal suit will not ultimately be to the benefit of the state constituency seeing that on one hand it will distract the incumbent.

In an interview with our correspondent Monday morning, Eteng argued that 'the duo of Eni Charles Ikpi and Ofem E. Nelson should settle their tussle out of court for the overall benefit of Yakurr I State Constituency. The suit is capable of distracting the incumbent and undermining the quality of service to the people who are most deserving', 

Ikpi should drop the case, it's time to think Yakurr I. Let's offer our services and support to join forces with Nelson to better improve our people, create positive impact and ensure rapid all round development in the best interest of the Yakurr cause', his statement read in part.

Eteng of YDP enjoined Hon. Charles ikpi of APC, to withdraw the case at the tribunal and embrace peace as there's no other Yakurr LGA than the one we all have in Cross River. 

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