Sunday, 6 October 2019

Open Letter to Satan —by Mike Udam

6 October 2019 

Dear Satan,

Today, I have chosen my timeline to speak to you cognizant of the fact that you will read this post and maybe re strategize to visit me. 

I was told you have two horns and you look very fearful and I have taken so many years to locate you but to no avail. In my desperation to know you and deal decisively with you, I discovered that you are a spirit and it will be difficult for me to catch you. 

When God destroyed the earth in the days of Noah, you were not destroyed, but deep inside, you know that you were the very one that pushed them to consistently think and plot evil in their hearts. When Sodom and Gomorah was destroyed for homosexual activities and other sundry sins, you still escaped unhurt. I wished you had burned in that inferno.

I was not surprised when I read how you came close to Jesus my savior and tempted him. The writer of that gospel was inspired to state clearly that you left Jesus for a season. Instructively, you were not happy that Peter gave a valid answer when Jesus demanded to know who the people thought he was. Shortly after that, you got into Peter and started to plan how to obstruct the pathway to calvary. Thank God, the master spotted you and told you to get behind him.

Today, I am very happy to now know your modus operandi. First you masquerade yourself as an angel of light and enter very close unsuspectingly and until you create the havoc, a lot of people will not know you are around. You attend all church services and take prominent seat in the heart of those who allow you to live in them.

When the sermon is going on, you subtly remind your host to examine the life of the sermoner and that of his family. You quickly bring to memory some of the misdeeds of the sermoner and place it right in front of your host. At that point, if he is still stubborn, you introduce sleep. If he is still stubborn, you make him to notice the wrong pronunciation of the sermoner and the poor concord of his sentences. You don't easily give up. If all attempts by you fail, you sell an idea to him to ask a question s/he already know the answer and you quickly run to the sermoner and make him give an answer opposite what the questioner expected and the fire is sparked off. You then stay and watch how the drama will play out. I am sorry to inform you that I have educated all my members about your antics. We are ready for you.

Another strong area of your strength that we now know is sowing weeds inside a field planted with wheat. When I teach my youths to live pure lives and remain unspotted in this world, you will come and plant the false idea that purity is no longer fashionable and that God is a merciful God. Now we know you. Kindly stay away from us. Go and plant in your own field.

We have a long list of people that you derailed from the lane of heading towards heaven. You have packaged sin and make it very attractive and appealing. First you changed the name of sin to something not frightening.
Fornication is now called a date or testing. Adultery is now called an affair. Homosexual people now refer to their sin as a lifestyle. Corruption is now called a deal. You have done havoc on our consciences that some now see sin as a norm.

I know a long list of people that you have held them captive with unforgiving spirit hovering over them. Some are keeping people in their hearts for over 20 years now. You are quick to remind them that forgiving other is a sign of weakness. You know they will head to hell when they die. That is your plan. Or do you want me to tell you that you are the chairman of liars and have made lying a normal thing. As at today, you have sold a dummy to people that lying is no longer a sin. Hmmmmm. So many captive indeed.

Know it today, that my brethren and I have decided to have nothing to do with you. Please stay away from us. If you can lead Ananias and his wife Saphira to lie about their own money, then we know you are powerful. But God has given us victory above you.

I will end my letter by alerting you of my working principles : First, I will make friends with friends of God. Together we will resist your influence in our lives.
Then I am resolved to flee from all appearances of evil. A stick of cigarette, a bottle of beer, or a glass of wine, even though you will push me to see it as harmless, I have decided to stay very far from it.

Lastly, I have resolved to study the word of my master God and stay active in fellowship of the saints. You pushed Peter to warm fire with unbelievers and it was easy for him to deny his master. Recall that you even obtained permission to sieve him like chaff. 

Thank you for reading through my letter. 
My life is hidden in Christ in God. I know you will not repent, but I have told you my mind. When I get to heaven, I will ask God why he did not destroy you with the first flood.

Mike Udam
Village preacher

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