Saturday, 26 October 2019

Sen. Owan-Enoh is a Man of Integrity Don't malign him —Ekpenyong Akiba

Sen. John Owan-Enoh 
26 October 2019 

It has long been stated that our society is engulfed with hard times not because of the activities of evil men but by the silence of good men. 

It is on this note that I make bold to state very unequivocally that Most distinguished senator John Owan-Enoh never claimed ownership of the Cancer Awareness Walk; I say so because as one of his political followers, I noticed a post with his image on our APC platform relating to the scheduled Walk, it was there and then I chatted with him on his WhatsApp account.

See below:

Based on his response, it's evidentially clear that for all intents and purposes, he never claimed ownership as erroneously alleged by the DG Mary Ekpere, he only stated as he is known for, in his usual manner and characteristics of his support and promotion which his personality is synonymous with. 

Just for purposes of clarity I've been forced to make this privileged private conversation between me and the distinguished senator public due to the malicious post making rounds on the social media, particularly several comments on our party platform. See his statement : 'Thks (si)  Ekpeyong. It's really not my initiative. I'm involved at the level of supporting and promoting. Mine's rather the Diabetes Foundation based in Ikom. We can do what you suggested on World Diabetes Day abt Nov 14th.' 

For the records, from my little relationship, investigation and interaction, senator Owan-Enoh is not a man that buys popularity, he has been very outstanding in all sense of the word. I'll advice the masterminds of the post to not only apologize but to also repent for who God has blessed no man can curse.

Ekpenyong Akiba APC chapter legal Adviser Odukpani LGA

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