Thursday, 17 October 2019

What is Ayadeism? —by Grandguide Awan Ayan

17 October 2019 

Ayadeism? But who coined this term? Did Sen. Prof. Ben Ayade himself come up with this or a zealous supporter out there? However, this term is quite apt and fitting for a man who came to power with so much fanfare. 'Isms' are philosophical and they come as a badge to notable leaders for good or ill. We therefore ask; does Prof. Sen. Ben Ayade's performance from 2015 to date qualify as a political/economic philosophy? Whatever your line of reasoning, I honestly think it does. Philosophies come in various shades, for different purposes. For instance, of the forty-five presidents of the United States of America, only one (Donald J Trump) seen by American liberals as some sort of glorified indignity is having his name associated with an 'ism.' 

Therefore we must observe quickly that being associated with an 'ism' is not a badge of greatness, and certainly not for Ayade's administration. Leninism and Nazism should readily come to mind. Ayadeism may sound grand but has proven to be in all intents and purposes, a superintendence upon failure and a hemorrhage of our economic gain.

What then is Ayadeism? In summary, Ayadeism is a philosophy of of economic hemorrhage. To give a clearer perspective, at best Ayadeism is failed expectations and a conscious mobilization of public momentum towards a calculated economic disaster. 

Ayadeism is a string attached to us the poor masses whom the chief puppeteer manipulates to his pleasure. 

Think of Franz Mesmer or let Robert Greene describe him for you in The 48 Laws of Power. That is exactly what Ayadeism is about. Ayadeism is the spell cast upon us and it is working. We are constantly mesmerized to hear so much, see very little and ask no questions.

In the era of Ayadeism, the masses are bamboozled and bombarded with so much semantics which no analytics can prove are working. It is designed to be captivating, critically deceitful such that the more you look the less you see. My best catch in this hypnotic era is "Kinetic Crystallization and Quaballistic Densification." Did you get that? Where did it take us? Na lie. It is all scam. Put your bet on this, 2020 will be termed Budget of Galactic Gravitation. Again did you get that? of course, coming Soon! We are heading nowhere. It is only but a script and our economy is bleeding fast.

But lets quickly get this done with; for short, Ayadeism stands for an endless list of crass manifestations among which are:

1. It is a system that builds a superhighway when Odukpani-Calabar road is impassible. 

2: It is a system that builds a deep seaport while potholes are appearing daily on the streets of Calabar.

3: Ayadeism is a system that builds CalaVegas getaway when the world renowned Obudu Cattle Ranch at the master's backyard lies in ruins. I beg your pardon! "If crocodiles eat their own eggs, what will they do to the flesh of a lizard?"

4: Ayadeism recruits green sheriffs while mounts of refuse dumps still welcome you to every street and tourist site in Calabar.

5: Ayadesim builds spaghetti roundabouts while it takes us two whole days to enter Calabar from Odukpani.

6: Ayadism is a system that bulldozes our precious rainforest at Ikom to park bulldozers just to deceive the passersby that the superhighway is on track.

7: Ayadeism is a system that 'builds' industrial parks meanwhile businesses are fleeing Calabar in their troves.

8: Ayadeism, I hear is begging an airline to increase its presence in Calabar meanwhile enterprises and capital are taking a flight out of Cross River State.

9: Ayadeism is nothing but show-business so we build piles construction factory at Awi, Akamkpa which we will then transport to the deep seaport at Bakassi just to give people an impression that this seaport project is working. Boss, which economics be that na, or do we call this one Ayadenomics? 

10: Ayadeism is a system that maintains or improves on nothing it met on ground simply because the master thinks we are headed for the Eldorado of his imagination.

11: Ayadeism is both an economic and political system in which Cross River State is the new Dubai yet The Tinapa Busniess Resort is considered a burden and left to the elements.

12: Ayadeism is a system in which Cross River is the new city of light located at full-colored magazines, or hanging on billboards carefully crafted by graphic artists in the printing presses of this world.

Can this be the Cross River of Donald Etim Duke and Liyel Imoke, the envy of other States? It is a lie. This cannot be! We are bleeding and Prof. Sen Ben Ayade must stop this hemorrhage by being honest with us.

We need one project completed and delivered to believe you are working, Sir. Otherwise you are proving to be nothing else but a political conman, a puppeteer, a man of impiety operating under the mask of Ayadeism.

Dear Governor Sir, if you are serious about development, show us a prove and atone with small but meaningful projects. Please let work commence on the rehabilitation of our State Library Complex, first.

But while we wait, Ayadeism remains a game of deceit played on our backs and as someone has said all we will need to do one day is to get up and your little game will be over.

Awan Ayan is a social commentator 

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