Saturday, 19 October 2019

What's really wrong with Ayade enrolling in UNICAL for LL.M

Ben Ayade 
19 October 2019 

Popular social commentator has given insights into what he thinks is very wrong in Governor Ben Ayade of Cross River enrolling into the University of Calabar to study Master of Law. 

Simon Utsu has said that, 'What is very wrong is his disrupting UNICAL's serene ambiance with a 20+ car long convoy on his first day in school. Ayade should outgrow this juvenile eccentricity for Pete's sake!!!' 

Continuing, Utsu who hails from Obudu same community with Ayade disclosed that, 'Unless he can guarantee us that he'll make a first class CGPA of 5.0/5.0 at the end of his program to match the showboating.'

However, the social commentator noted that there is nothing actually wrong with the state governor enrolling in the University of Calabar for an LL.M (Masters in Law). He said' nothing wrong whatsoever!'

Utsu's social thread has sparked comments. For instance, one Viva Mimi said in part '... About his showing off, that one don tay, no be today something'. Yusuf O'Kwo Anyogo said '... Non-heighty guys are known for showing off, it's a common trait, for how else could they be noticed?' Joseph Arekam Obongha has said 'a total distraction to other students, armed men parading school premises.' 

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