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Why I've enjoyed good health over the years Governor's wife, Linda Ayade discloses

L-R: Mrs Omotunde Ivara Esu (4th from left) with stakeholders at the breakfast meeting 
11 October 2019 

The wife of the Executive Governor of Cross River State, Her Excellency Dr. Linda Ayade has disclosed why she has enjoyed good health over the years NEGROIDHAVEN can say categorically. Dr Ayade attributed it to her consistent and multiple habit of washing of her hands in the day, a practice she referred to as being inexpensive. 

The Governor's wife disclosed this Thursday during the occasion of the breakfast meeting to mark the year's global handwashing day celebration organised in Calabar the state capital by her office. 

While acknowledging the various giant strides made so far in the areas of hygiene in the state through her office and her pet project, Mediatrix Development Foundation on collaboration with partners such as United Purpose, the Ministry of Health, RUWATSSA, CRS Water Board Ltd, Save the Children, Mediatrix Development Foundation, PZ Cussons and others, Ayade observed that the status of Open Defecation-Free LGA in Nigeria attribute to Cross River is unrivaled nation wide. 

Ayade who was represented by the Wife of the Deputy Governor of the state, Mrs Omotunde Ivara Esu further stressed that the occasion was not a mere formality. According to her she wants a greater number of people to become aware of the significance of handwashing arguing that the exercise vaccine against preventable diseases! It will save lives; it will increase productivity. 

In her message while addressing the audience, Ayade said in part, 'It is my honour and pleasure to host all stakeholders in the hygiene and sanitation sector of Cross River State this morning. I am particularly excited today because the extent of our impact on communities in the state is no more something to be imagined; we already have great results from the field to celebrate. 
'I must specially commend the efforts made by United Purpose to achieve hygiene in Cross River. Just a couple of years ago, we were proud to announce to the world that Cross River State had the first Open Defecation-Free LGA in Nigeria. That is now an old story as Bekwarra, Yakurr, Ikom and Yala have all joined Obanliku as ODF LGAs. Again, Cross River is ahead  of other states! The achievement is not an accident but the result of deliberate efforts by our  
conscientious sponsors and partners, our public health department and the cooperation of the chiefs in these communities. I share this testimony to commend all those who are part of the  
great work in Cross River State and to mention that when a community owns a project, it is bound to succeed. 

'I must emphasize that, for me, this meeting and other handwashing events that we are participating in this month are not formalities. We want a greater number of people to become aware of the importance of handwashing. It has been proven that regular handwashing at critical times is a vaccine against preventable diseases! It will save lives; it will increase productivity. This is the message we are sending out to Cross Riverians and all Nigerians. I am  
certain that part of the reason I have enjoyed good health over the years is because I continually use one of the most inexpensive ways of preventing diseases – I WASH MY HANDS WITH  

'Over the years, through the Clean Hands Campaign started by my organization, MDF, I have worked with the CRS Water Board Ltd to ensure the availability of running water in schools within Calabar while at the same time making efforts to help public schools in other parts of  
the state develop the habit of handwashing in order to promote health and prevent disease.'

Dr Ayade informed that she and her MDF had visited the refugee community in Ogoja, Cross River where she has made provisions for livelihood support, water and health. Her words, 'early this year, I visited the refugee population in Adagom, Ogoja where my organization is involved in providing livelihood support to the refugees. They expressed many needs but I was  concerned most about two of them – the health centre and the absence of portable water in the camp. I immediately reached out to the CRS Water Board Ltd and within a few months the provision of an overhead water tank and piping to take water everywhere in the camp was  
completed. I understand how the absence of water for something as simple as hand washing can cause disease outbreak in a population such as that.  

'This year's theme is CLEAN HANDS FOR ALL. It calls on us to include everyone in our campaign. Today we have in our midst our special needs children; they too must know the importance of clean hands. We must not ignore the single most effective way of preventing  
killer diseases such as cholera and diarrhea that takes the lives of over 300,000 Nigerian children under five annually. 

'Abeg, make we wash our hands o!', her statement concluded.

Present at the breakfast meeting were representatives from United Purpose, the Ministry of Health, RUWATSSA, CRS Water Board Ltd, Save the Children, Mediatrix Development Foundation, PZ Cussons and others. 

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