Monday, 4 November 2019

Egbona/Lebo: Court of Appeal decision is beginning of 'installmental justice' —Lebo

4 November 2019 

Sequel to the 2nd November judgement of the Appeal Court directing the conduct of bye-elections in two wards of Ekureku (1 and 2) in Abi/Yakurr Federal Constituency within 90 days, the candidate of the PDP, John Gaul Lebo has reacted through a statement credited to him and titled: THIS IS A MOVE OF GOD. Basically, Lebo said that the recent judgement is the 'beginning of installmental justice'. 

His statements reads in full: Court of Appeal decision in the Abi/Yakurr Federal Constituency House of Representatives Seat - The Beginning of Instalmental Justice

'Dear Constituents and Supporters;

'You will recall that on the 23rd of  february 2019, we contested the National Assembly elections for Abi /Yakkur federal constituency. 

'At the Collation center, we successfully pulled the highest number of lawful valid  votes cast at the elections  from 21 out of the 23 council wards in the constituency and established a comfortable lead in excess of over 7000 votes. 

'The results declared in the remaining council wards of Ekureku 1 & 2 by INEC clearly showed an accreditation of 3,799 voters for both wards, while the results manually allocated  to our opponent was 10,169,  and a paltry 1,675 votes was added as an afterthought to our score. 

'On the 24th of february 2019, Our Collation Team rejected the results declared in Ekureku 1 & 2 and subsequently requested INEC  to  cancel same  and conduct fresh election. 

'INEC refused our request and our legal team proceedded to the Election Tribunal.

'On the 4th of September 2019, the Election Tribunal granted part of our reliefs and nullified the results in Ekureku 1 & 2.

'Our opponent filed an Appeal against the judgment and on the 2nd of November 2019, the Court of Appeal also affirmed our request and nullified the results and ordered for a rerun in Ekureku 1 & 2 within 90 days. 

'To the glory of God and inspired by our case management strategy, it took  8 months to nullify the same process that we requested INEC to so do almost a year ago. 

'Within that 8 months, our opponent politically procured a certificate of return issued alongside members of Kogi state National Assembly members and was inaugurated. 

'The judgment of the Court of Appeal today is the beginning of "Instalmental Justice" for our constituents, at least, our opponent now understands that 
"desperation is not a strategy". We are back to the point of absolute zero vide a  rerun that should have been held long ago. 

'Fortunately for us, the implication of the judgment of the court of Appeal,  preserved our lead of lawful valid votes in the remaining results declared by INEC.

'In addition, the seat of Abi/Yakurr federal constituency is now  vacant pending the conduct of the rerun election as the  earlier "Telemundo Declaration" of our opponent is now  a mere formality without essence. 

'I want to sincerely dedicate our victories at the Tribunal and Court of Appeal to all our supporters especially our  party faithful in Ekureku 1 & 2. Your brave evidence and testimony in court facilitated this Victory. 

'Alot of you were intimidated, beaten, banished, humiliated and dehumanised by  fellow kinsmen just because you opted to support our candidature and great party.

'Now you have the  opportunity to right the wrong that you testified against. 

'Let's do it again and rightfully take our place at the Green Chambers. Already, we have wasted 8 months of  ceremonial appearance chasing shadows. 
We need a New Direction in Legislative Governance. 

'Power belongs to God, no man can claim monopoly of political popularity outside of God. 

'It is ending in praise! 
We will win again by God's Grace!!' it concluded. 

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