Thursday, 14 November 2019

Wife of controversial critic of Gov Ayade writes President Buhari

14 November 2019 

An Open Letter of a Wailing Wife to President Muhammadu Buhari over the Unlawful Incarceration of my Husband Dr Barr Joseph Odok

President Muhammadu Buhari
President and Commander-in-Chief
Federal Republic of Nigeria
Aso-Villa, Abuja. 

Your Excellency Sir, 

Tears of Abandonment of my husband and Your Ardent Supporter Dr. Barr. Joseph Odok who is currently, unlawfully incarcerated by the CRS Government

Your Excellency, I can no longer hide my tears and rely on the strength of the Nigerian Constitution to write to you while in deep anguish over the travails of my husband. Sir, the Constitution bestows you with the responsibility of ensuring the security and lives of Nigerians but my husband's right has constantly been breached by the CRS Government and its agents for daring to criticise his policies as a member of opposition and supporter of your anti corruption drive.

My decision to write you an open letter is because my husband's earlier letter to you through the office of your Chief of Staff was not attended to and the injustices against my husband have nose-dived to unbearable level. In my husband's earlier letter, he was duly introduced to you by the CRS APC Acting Chairman Sir John Ochala who clearly stated the reasons for his persecutions to be because of his support for your government and our great party APC: an opposition party in a PDP State of CRS.

As a core Buharists, my husband campaigned for you on pages of newspapers, Channels TV, AIT, HiTV, and social media handles as the Director Media and Strategic Communications, Coalition for Buhari/Osinbajo Movement (COBOM). COBOM was proclaimed the fourth largest support group of your campaign by the Presidential Campaign Council 2019. My husband is a member of other strategic groups that are key in supporting your administration including; the Buhari Strategy Group, Buhari/Osinbajo Strategic Solidarity group, PMB/VPO Awareness Forum, No Alternative to Buhari, to mention but a few. Despite his uncompromising character as a social change agent and critic, my husband has been a victim of injustice in the glare of your government with such an arrogance that Federal institutions are so used to wreck a sacrilege on our esteemed Constitution by the CRS government and its agents.

Currently my husband is been incarcerated for over 43 days in both the police and Prison custody by the CRS Government over frivolous charges of terrorism and cybercrime. The most brazen show of politics without ethics is the fact that the complainant over my husband's incarceration is the Chief of Staff to CRS Government Mr Martin Orim who doubles as a suspect in my husband's attempted murder and is evading arrest by compromising our weak Federal institutions even after being issued a warrant of arrest by the Nigeria Police.

Painfully, Federal institutions are used to incarcerate a Nigerian, my husband and your ardent supporter. The Federal High Court CRS Jurisdiction that my husband is currently being tried for terrorism and cybercrime was the same court that was used to stall the warrant of arrest issued to agents of the CRS government over attempted murder on my husband. The CRS Police command that compromised, abandoned and released suspects in my husband's attempted murder; namely Raphael Odu and Patience Odey who were caught at the scene of the crime by the DSS. 

The CRS state Police Command that refused to investigate my husband's patriotic demand and call on the CRS government to stop the killings of his Ogep Osokom community people by a cultist, General Iron, granted amnesty by the CRS government for electoral reasons is the same Federal Institution that is propping up false charges of terrorism and cybercrime because my husband had forwarded complaints against the said cultist close to the CRS government to the police and "Ochibe Boki" our traditional council in Boki LGA, CRS and published same on social media handles. 

The embarrassment of the failure of the government to provide security to the people through the use of my husband's social media handles is what has been adjudged terrorism and cybercrime even when my husband had ran away from CRS to Abuja for political asylum and have not come to CRS since December 2017. 

How can someone perpetrate acts of terrorism without a gun or any gang and through his pen is the worst embarrassment the CRS Police Command that investigated and charged my husband for terrorism and cybercrime. This is the worst sacrilege to our democracy. 

My husband foiled the attempt by the CRS Government to compromise the case of attempted murder on him by petitioning to the Inspector General of Police for the transfer of suspects to his attempted murder and case file to Force Headquarters Abuja to stall the influence of the CRS government on the matter that was already compromised and abandoned by the CRS police command.

Investigations resumed at Nigerian Police Force Headquarters Abuja and the Director General CRS Homeland Security and his girl friend were reinvited and handed over to the Police Force Headquarters after extensive investigation by the DSS and confessional Statements. The current Secretary to the CRS Government Barr Tina Banku Agbor and former State Security Adviser to the CRS Government, Mr Jude Ngaji were invited by the Police and granted bail. A warrant for the arrest was issued to the Chief of Staff to CRS Government Mr. Martin Orim (who surreptitiously has moved from suspect to my husband's attempted murder to his complainant), the former Attorney General of CRS Government Barr Joe Abang, Prof Zana Akpagu and one Chris Abang.

Your Excellency, the pen alone without the gun and a gang does not make one a terrorist. My husband is a law abiding and patriotic Nigerian that engages the CRS government for transparency, accountability and good governance. It is curious that the CRS police command will stop the the investigation of a suspect to my husband's attempted murder and begin to prosecute my husband. Without shame because the Chief of Staff to CRS Government who is suspect to my husband's assassination attack was conspicuously mentioned in the charge sheet and list of witnesses as my husband's complainant.

Your Excellency, both the Nigerian Police Force Headquarters and the office of the Attorney General of the Federation are well briefed of how the pursuit of the matter of attempted murder on my husband has led to my husband's illegal sack as a lecturer in the University of Calabar, the removal of his name from the University of Calabar PhD convocation list 2017 even after meeting up with all the requirements for the awards of his PhD and his incarceration that has made him a prisoner of Conscience. 

Mr President, when my husband's lawyer and the members of the Buhari Osinbajo Solidarity Movement (BOSS M) further briefed the Inspector General of Police and requested for the transfer of the investigation of the allegations of terrorism and cybercrime, The Inspector General of Police from the IG Monitoring Unit, graciously sent his men for the transfer of the complaints according to my husband's request to evade any interference by the CRS government. But upon citing the men from the IG, the CRS police command rushed my husband to the court to be remanded in Calabar prisons facility. The team from the Nigerian Police headquarters left a signal urging the transfer of investigation to Abuja, this led to an official withdrawal of the case by the police prosecutor in charge of my husband's case. Your Excellency, the language of the court seems to suggest that the Police Prosecutor cannot withdraw a case already in court by the fiat of the Inspector General of Police though my husband's lawyer insists in his argument while quoting the Administration of Criminal Justice Act that a Police Prosecutor acts as an agent of the Government and Attorney General and acts in their name.

Your Excellency, CRS government seems to be using your name to incarcerate innocent critics. Another journalist Agba Jalingo is also currently being tried for terrorism, treason and attempt to over throw the CRS government because he exposed corruption in the diversion of 500million Naira by the CRS Government. Your Excellency, the CRS government have constantly denied being behind their arrest and incarceration and this has left your government in bad light. I pray you don't allow the CRS government to drag your name to the mud. 

Sir, I beg to conclude with the following prayers:

1. That you use your good office to cause the transfer and take over of my husband's case to Abuja by the Attorney General of the Federation because the Federal institutions in CRS could always be compromised by the CRS Government.

2.That you use your good office to order thorough and speedy investigation of my husband's case of attempted murder by agents of CRS government that has been delayed by the Nigerian Police since 2017.

3. That you order the police to protect my husband from any further attack by agents of the CRS government because my husband suspect the CRS police command to be working on the instructions of the CRS government

Your Excellency, my husband is innocent and is ready to enter trials on the charges of terrorism and cybercrime. I am confident he will come clean and innocuous only if the matter is taken away from the influence of the CRS Government

Thanks in anticipation as you use your good office to protect our democracy.

Cecilia Ogbeche Odok
Joseph Odok's wife.

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