Monday, 4 November 2019

Wild jubilation after degree exams is absolutely obnoxious and uncalled for —journalist

4 November 2019 

Emmanuel Una a journalist has described the recent trending acts of wild jubilation after degree examinations by undergraduate students in Nigerian universities as 'absolutely obnoxious and uncalled for'. 

In a social thread titled 'Those wild jubilations after degree exams', journalist Una was seen to query what he described as an alien culture while at the same time opining that the reaction should be that of sober reflection and prayers. 

He observed that writing an exam should not be final, but added that 'course work need to be completed, accumulated school fees have to be paid and of course, the exams have to be passed.' 

Writing earlier, he said 'The atmosphere around university campuses in Nigeria during second semester when students finish writing degree exams has undergone several degrees of changes.

'The atmosphere has metamorphosed from excitement because of the prospects of securing a job in a matter of days or weeks in the seventies and eighties by those graduating to cautious optimism during the Babangida hard biting austerity measure and Abachanomics voodoo era in the nineties when jobs had simply evaporated and one needed man-know-man contacts to get one. 

'In the turn of the century, the atmosphere is that of wild jubilation characterised by water and bullet spraying.

'Where cometh this alien culture and for what intends? If you ask me, at this time, no matter what one had gone through in school only calls for sober reflection and prayers. Jobs are simply no more there both in private and public sectors and with the ill timed border closure and rapid folding up of companies littering the environment with sachet water leather and spraying bullets on fellow 'graduands' is absolutely obnoxious and uncalled for.

In the main, writing an examination is not the be-all and end,-all...'

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