Monday, 6 January 2020

An Appraisal of the CEO in Governor Ben Ayade of Cross River State

Variously, social commentators and public affairs analysts have referred to the head of a body-politic say presidents of countries, governors of sub-national entities (states) and chairpersons of local government areas as CEOs, that is Chief Executive Officers. The reasons aren't far-fetched.

Granted that the coinage of Chief Executive Officer/CEO finds common expression in a corporate business setting, it may suffice to say that the head of a body-politic —president, governor and/or chairperson could pass for a CEO on the basis that the office is the highest-ranking executive. Doesn't the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria as Amended acknowledges the Executive, Legislature and Judiciary as legitimate arms of government?

Beyond the constitutional colouration of the offices of president, governor and chairperson as CEO, a CEO is one who is responsible for the general operation of the corporate organisation: given this background, they could be given to the day-to-day running of the company (for small companies) or designated to leadership, policy and motivational roles in the organisation (for big companies).

Again, to justify the status of the office of president, governor and chairperson as CEO, it would be recalled that in a non political environment, to have a CEO, then there must be stakeholders (the first tier of leadership in a corporate organisation) who are represented by Board of Directors BoD, (middle or second tier of leadership) management cadre of Chief Executive Officers: it's from the management cadre that you've a Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer CFO and Chief Operating Officer COO. 

Fundamentally then, there is the Shareholder(s) who can be likened to the citizenry/electorate, and because the Board of Directors that is, the legislature represents the shareholders we say that the citizenry is the highest office in the land. There is also the Management cadre who can be synonymous with the elected public officers especially the president, governor and chairperson. It is instructive that it is the BoD who elects/selects the management. So, we've been able to demonstrate that a body-politic is synonymous with a corporate organisation say a company.

The Executive Governor of a state say Cross River is the CEO of that sub-national entity who is responsible for the general operation of the corporate organisation —given to the day-to-day running of the state and offering leadership, crafting policy initiatives and mustering hope through motivation of the citizenry/electorates. This analogy can go for president and chairperson as well. 

His Excellency the Executive Governor of Cross River State, Sen. Prof. Benedict B. Ayade is unarguably the CEO of the state being elected by the shareholders, that is, Nigerian citizens who are indigenous to and resident in Cross River. 

In a series of editorials, #NegroidHaven will embark on an assessment of the CEO in His Excellency the Governor —we will particularly take a look at the leadership capacity and management skills demonstrated thus far by the current CEO of Cross River since he was sworn in on May 2019. The series will be nothing less than a factual and objective 12-series editorial. At the end of the series, shareholders that is, the citizenry/electorates shall score His Excellency the CEO pass or fail. In fact, the appraisal will be presented in an objective manner such that even the CEO can score himself. 

If the CEO is perceived to have passed, then he can contemplate improvements. If he's seen to have failed, he should retrace his steps. The shareholders should be able to decipher for themselves if the worth of their shares is appreciating(or depreciating), if not, why? If yes, how? 

According to CFI, 'The Board of Directors usually meets several times a year to set the company's long-term goals, review financial results, evaluate the performance of executives and managers, and vote on strategic decisions proposed by the chief executive'. The state legislature under Speaker Eteng Jonah Williams is synonymous to the BoD. If Cross River State isn't faring well under this CEO, the shareholders will be assisted to take a look at the relationship between the BoD/9th Cross River State House of Assembly CRSHA and the CEO: is there a fine synergy between the Management /Executive Council and the BoD/CRSHA? If the state is faring well, is there room for improvement? 

These and more will be our focus beginning from when our first piece hits our news staple. 

6 January 2020 

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