Friday, 3 January 2020

SARAKI'S DEMOLITION: What do we stand to Gain from taking Sides —by Simon Utsu

3 January 2020 

Nigeria is such a dysfunctional society; the people dont seem to know what they want. The governor of Kwara state demolishes the family compound of the Sarakis and there's so much BLIND (emphasis mine) outrage against his action. Most Nigerian politicians are very selfish; the people also need to start being collectively selfish. First ask yourselves, what's our stake in this demolition... What do we stand to gain from taking sides? If tomorrow, Dino Melaye's garage is visited by the EFFC and his multibillion Naira worth of exotic cars are confisticated, I bet you, there would be a similar outcry from the confused masses. 

The Governor has for weeks insisted that the property was built on state government owned land that was illegally cornered by Saraki Snr; so why the outcry? The Sarakis own dozens of properties in Ikoyi and Victoria Island... and probably another dozen in downtown Abuja. How many of you who've been shouting since morning can even afford rent in the boy's quarters of any of those properties? 

That house is where Saraki Snr buried the destinies of hundreds of thousands of Kwarites. For over three decades, the vulnerable have thronged there in their thousands daily to beg for what is supposed to be their commonwealth in the name of Zakat and free food. Wasn't it in that place over 15 people died in a stampede during Sallah some 5 years ago while struggling for Sallah rice gifts from Bukola Saraki? Don't you think the people deserve more than that? 

Like I said, you people need to learn to be selfish when supporting some of these greedy politicians- first ask what the people stand to lose or gain... for instance, if the outrage was because of the demolition of say, a Rochas foundation, it would have made sense to me...

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