Wednesday, 5 February 2020

Agba Jalingo: Eyo Ekpo reacts to Gov Ben Ayade's recent admittance...

5 February 2020 

Eyo O. Ekpo the gubernatorial candidate of the Social Democratic Party SDP in the 2019 general elections in Cross River State has reacted to a video where Gov Ben Ayade was recently seen to be publicly admitting to a misrepresentation of Agba Jalingo the persecuted Nigerian journalist currently being detained in a Nigerian Correctional Service facility in Calabar, Cross River State. 

Ekpo who observed that the said Ayade's admittance will not be publicised by his media aides, asked if the implication of the admittance could be stretched query other statements made by Ayade especially in respect of the trial of Jalingo. 

The legal practitioner further stressed that if the apology of the Governor were to be taken seriously, then Ayade must ensure the end of the trial of the embattled journalist as well give insights into allegation of the disappearance of N500 million from the state Microfinance Bank. 

His words, 'What do we make of this? Governor Ayade admitting, first, that Agba Jalingo never blackmailed Governor Imoke and his wife; and, second, that Mrs. Obioma Imoke was not arrested or detained by anyone for anything...contrary to what Governor Ayade himself asserted just a few days ago. 

'Yet, his words were uttered quite deliberately and the grievous damage has been done. This apology will not receive the widespread publication that his offending statements enjoyed. 

'I wonder whether Governor Ayade's numerous mouthpieces are broadcasting this apology. Do we also take it that the other things he said about Agba Jalingo are also untrue and that, in fact, he has a big hand in the oppressive and abusive misuse of the Federal judicial system against Agba?

'Governor Ayade should take a moment to recall the weighty and powerful words of his oath of office - "...without fear, favour or ill will..." If his apology is to be taken seriously, then he must take steps to end the abuse of Agba's freedom and restore him to his family...and tell us what happened to that 500m said to have been put in that micro finance bank. Lest we forget, that is what triggered this whole sad story.

'Let us be thankful that there was an apology...' The statement reads in part.

EDITORIAL this is the link to the video Ekpo was reacting to. It was published by @YeleSowore. 

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