Thursday, 20 February 2020

Carthinium Group chief to grace Pan African Infrastructure Protection Masterclass & Biz Dev't Forum

20 February 2020 

Friday F. Inoyo the CEO of Carthinium Group Ltd will be gracing the Pan African Infrastructure Protection Masterclass & Business Development Forum billed to hold in Addis Ababa NEGROIDHAVEN has garnered. 

As at the time he was approached by one of our correspondent and asked what the Africa Industrialization Group seeks to achieve with this initiative? the Carthinium chief Inoyo disclosed that, 

'Africa needs new approach to addressing her problems. From Program Design to Institutional Framework Redevelopment up to Policy Convergence and Multi-strata Execution; 

'that Africa has to come to terms with the fact that outliving its archaic measures is central to repositioning itself for accelerated growth and far reaching development. That as a continent with the largest reservoir of natural resources in the world, Africa shouldn't stay this long behind the rest of the world. 

'And it is for this very reason, Africa Industrialization Group led by Carl Oshodi and his team of top-tier Corporate Governance Experts including myself have concluded plans to launch the Pan African Infrastructure Protection Masterclass and Business Development Forum that is scheduled to hold between 18th to 25th May, 2020 in Addis Ababa in Ethiopia with the theme 'Protecting the awakened giant". 

He went on to further observe that 'At the core of the worldclass training conference both public and private operatives will be availed the opportunity to learn new approach, systems, policy engineering techniques and staff action maximization plans and a lot more. With over 1000 participants from over 20 participating African countries involving some 100+ leading industry experts, mentors, investors, facility managers and infrastructure protectors and more_ the forum promises to revolutionalise the way we think, act and influence the narratives with a single objective to shape the future for Africa's growth, development and upward scaling while offering commissioners, public and private directors, director generals, investors and participants additional opportunity to network and empower their vision and dreams into reality.'

He encouraged every industry and MDA leader to register and attend the conference by clicking the link below 

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