Sunday, 9 February 2020

C/River young democratic party (YDP) decry INEC's uncalled MANIPULATION65

9 February 2020 

Young Democratic Party (YDP) Cross River State, expresses dissatisfaction over the trending news in the political sector of Nigeria and explicitly
 frowns at the deregistration of it's Party amongst the 74 political parties of the 92 registered parties in Nigeria by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC).

The State Chairman Comr. Dunamis Archibong, in his words, stressed that 'INEC's unconstitutional action is one of the issues in Nigeria today where proactive and focused citizens and stakeholders are making efforts to improve our democracy and nurture it properly to encourage more participants towards credible leadership and governance, while other bread and butter individuals, subject to uncalled manipulations are reducing the space, forgetting that the deregistered political parties, had served as an avenue through which leadership potentials (candidates) were sampled during the just concluded  2019 General Elections. This is very disheartening and premature' he said.

Devoid of INEC's reasons premised on: (1.) Not meeting verification requirements; and
(2.) Not having a win or up to 25% of votes cast in the last General Elections, The provisions of the Electoral Act by which INEC carried out the verification exercise, provides that if there are areas that need clarification, INEC is to write to the Party and seek further clarification, the provision does not give INEC power to deregister.

On the issue of not winning any elections or getting up to 25% of votes cast,  the provisions of the 4th amendment to the Constitution, includes LGA Elections. INEC did not wait for the conclusion of this Electoral cycle, as we still have Edo, Ondo and Anambra, as well as LGA Elections before deregistration. However, INEC has refused to appear in court (apparently because they already had this in mind). We (YDP) had applied along for an injunction at the last seating of the Court, to prevent INEC from deregistering our Party. The Judge was to give her ruling on the 17th of this month but INEC already preempted the Judge

Besides, INEC has more 'bothering' issues that it should be worrying about than going through a process that has not been consummated. Moreover, the ill character and short comings of most Candidates was discovered through the platform offered by  diverse political parties, including YDP. Whereas, such opportunity and exposure wouldn't have been observed, if parties numerical strength was streamed to eighteen (18) as claimed.

Young Democratic Party is really disappointed with this development as it is a suspected moves to conceal the light under a bushel, sustain and birth more incompetent candidates, aide godfatherism, let alone vote buying and corrupt money bags as displayed in recent times which we succinctly rebuke. 

As it stands, our confidence is in the Courts to right this wrong and the abuse of our fundamental human right to freedom of Association  as Young Nigerians and we strongly believe that Nigeria deserves better and as such, the 74 deregistered political parties which includes YOUNG DEMOCRATIC PARTY (YDP) should NOT be deregistered BUT ACKNOWLEDGED and be given a level playing ground to thrive for an inclusive governance and an improved democracy with maximum regards to the rule of law, if there's remnant and if truly the Youths (Young ones) are the future and pillars of tomorrow.

I want to use this medium to call on the INEC Chairman to look into this premature and uncalled process for posterity sake. We all believe in this Nation and there's none else than the very Nigeria we've got here.

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