Wednesday, 12 February 2020

Rt. Hon. Ogbor Ogbor visits to TCTC, Biase, Read about his findings

12 February 2020

The Rt. Hon. Ogbor Ogbor popularly called Rootman Monday paid an unofficial visit to the Teachers Continuous Training College, TCTC in Biase local government area of Cross River State NEGROIDHAVEN can state categorically. The visit aimed at assessing the level of work that has been carried out in the facility. 

Ogbor who was a former classroom teacher for almost two decades in public school (18 years to be precise) and described the TCTC as ideal particularly said that: 'this concept, if you ask me is ideal, ideal in the sense that Christ told us that the blind man cannot lead the blind man, when that happens both of them will fall into the pit. 

'When the teacher does not know and then he's teaching the people... What do you expect of both of them? If I have to be very blunt, by their fruits you shall know them. If we say we have been teaching, we've been graduating, the question remains: what is the end product? How is our society in terms of decency, morality, and everything that should be a clear product of education. We have not had them. So, to a large extent our teachers are not up to date. So, this institution precisely is to arm, to equip the educator. When that happens then you can expect anything from the students.'

The two term lawmaker who decried the level of the teaching staff in public schools in the state said that the TCTC would avail itself for teachers of private schools to be trained. For him, that should be the nature of collaboration. 
Ogbor disclosed that 'what I saw in the private schools is abysmal. In the sense that we even have better teachers in the public school. So, the private school should simply cease the opportunity and come and train their teachers here. That's the essence of it.'

The Special Adviser to the Cross River Governor on TCTC, Hon. Ekpenyong Okpo Ojah informed that the completion of the project is billed for September. He further noted that expatriates from Ghana and Indonesia would be engaged as professional hands by the time of commencement of academic studies. 

But one of the inspecting architect Jude Okwe found on site disclosed that His Excellency the Executive Governor of the state, Sen. Prof. Benedict Ayade, had directed that the facility should be completed by June while academic activities should have commenced by September 2020. He said that the project is already 85% completed. 

Ojah Bassey Ikpon a member of the community commended the siting of the project in Ibogor in biase LGA headquarters. He pleaded that Biase youths should be considered during employments into the school.

The project is partly funded by the Sovereign Education Fund of the state. 

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