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Thinking Cross River: Princewill Ojong Odidi: Patriot on a Developmental Cause

Mr Princewill Odidi 
23 February 2020 

Princewill Odidi is an international development consultant whose patriotic inclination is really hinged on the level of poverty, hunger and disease ravaging Africa, Nigeria and even his Cross River State! As natural with Nigerians in the Diaspora, he is neither happy nor proud of the level of development back at home and this can be seen through his very clinical articles on social media that contrast practices in US, other developed Nations and Nigeria, his daily opinions on political matters, his grants proposal writing masterclasses and recently the African American Chamber of Commerce intervention where he presides over the giving of leverage to genuine African businesses and NGOs desirous of funding and technical partnership from the United States and US businesses desirous of entry to the Nigerian market !

Odidi, holds a first Class honors degree in Political Science from the University of Nigeria Nsukka and a Master of Arts degree from the University of Notre Dame Indiana specializing in International Conflicts, Diplomatic Negotiations and National Security Studies. He obtained additional degrees and Certifications from University of South Carolina in Budget Analysis, International Financing, Grants Development, Project Evaluation and Project Review.

Odidi worked with the Carter Presidential Center in Atlanta Georgia upon graduation and later joined Concourse Group were he rose to become Chief Executive Officer in 2009, after which he founded Jeff-Tech Solutions, a technology company. Mr Odidi has been very involved in trade and humanitarian issues with particular interest in Africa among which includes Microsoft Unlimited Potential Projects in Liberia, the International Food Relief Partnerships in Uganda, Guinea Conakry, Zimbabwe and series of research work in Sudan, Congo, Ghana, and Nigeria.

In Nigeria, he served briefly as Hon. Adviser on Trade, Investments and Tourism to Governor Liyel Imoke of Cross River State and has also served as Consultant to several federal ministries and parastatals. Mr Odidi presently serves as Financial Consultant to the Administration of Criminal Justice Reforms in Nigeria, domiciled at the Federal High Court Abuja. 

Odidi is on the board of the finance group of the Dubai Africa Infrastructure Finance Summit, he is also a Managing Partner at NEXUS Global Stratagem USA. He is a special adviser to the Honourable member of House of Representatives of Yenagoa/Kolokuma-Opokuma Federal Constituency, Bayelsa State Professor Steve Azaiki.

As a small business development expert, Princewill Odidi has served as Policy advisor to the United States Chambers of Commerce Small Business Unit. He also sits on several boards including the American Society for International Development Aid, Georgia Cancer Foundation, and the United States Funded Center for Disease Control Project with the Institute of Human Virology Nigeria.

Odidi has helped hundreds of small businesses in the United States with Project financing from grants and loans. He is a seasoned Business Consultant, Trainer and Human Resource Development expert. For the Past fifteen years, he has facilitated trade and business relations for several American and Canadian firms doing business in Nigeria, Ghana and South Africa including Jacobs International of Canada (Airports development), China based Dongfang Electric Corporation (Power), Barclays Investments (Financing), GE Michelis of Germany (Clean Energy Investors) and host of other American Corporations.

In the past Princewill has always contributed professionally to Africa and Cross River State where his expertise was sought this he did with or without pay a times. His patriotism has a passionate drive to see Africa and Nigeria in particular achieve her supposed developmental level. Some years ago he came to Cross River and organised his Grants Proposal Masterclass where participants met thrice, and asked questions. He did not leave the participants like that as he encouraged interaction virtually thereafter !

Princewill Odidi is an objective person who loves to weigh both sides thoroughly. Despite being very far from home he is so on ground about happenings in Nigeria and Cross River than most of us here. He is a detribalized Nigerian who grieves daily about his birthplace as  inferred from his post : "A sick man does not care where the Doctor comes from, all he wants is good treatment. Nigeria as a nation is sick. We cannot afford to continuously zone leadership. Let the window be open to whoever is qualified. Let's get our best" and he also noted in a separate post : "The old automobile car called Nigeria needs a totally new Engine, we call it "the system". The problem is not so much the individual who wears the crown, the Nigerian system needs outright change because the system as originally designed lacks the capacity to reform itself".

Odidi really believes that NGOs and SMEs can drive meaningfull development in Africa, Nigeria and Cross River where government seems to have forgotten the place of wholistic and sustainable development.

Princewill has helped many to pursue grants both at individual and corporate levels. He has been so supportive in terms of grants capacity building and best practices. He loves technology and believes and uses it to help businesses and NGOs pursue their objectIves through his

Princewill Odidi is currently the president  African American Chamber of Commerce with headquarters in Atlanta. He is happily married and lives in Atlanta USA from where he keeps in touch with Africa, Nigeria, Cross River and the rest of the World!

Paul Ingiona Adie
Ed-Tech Researcher

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