Friday, 14 February 2020

What Joseph Odok said about his love on Valentine's day

14 February 2020 

Happy Valentine's Day to my dear wife 

A good wife is rare to find, he gets it's all right when he has a good wife and all wrong when he has a bad wife. Despite my hurdles in life, I still stand tall waxing stronger with a reason to live courtesy of a good wife. 

Marriage has been fun, it's been companionship, my house radiates with love and joy like a mustards that seed extends to my children, my family, my in-laws and any that comes near our home. 

I am to her first amongst all, her earthly Lord and helpmate, infact he in charge of my home. Her sacrifices is enduring, I truly got love and he who has true love finds he lacks nothing

Her discipline radiates in the children and the results have been extraordinary performances of my kids in everything including academics and morals. 

In an age where wives kill their husbands, I can lie and sleep in peace feeling always protected around her. In an age of betrayals and lies I found a friend and confidant. May God be praised for the gift of my wife

Happy Valentine's day to my dear wife Cecilia Ogbeche -Odok. May God keep protecting our marriage and increasing our bond together. Having you has been fun and heaven on earth. 

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