Sunday, 5 April 2020

A Brief Insight On 5G

Richard F. Inoyo|5 April 2020 

5G is 5th Generation Mobile Network. We have had 1G, 2G, 3G and 4G. We are about migrating to 5G with greater internet speed that will make internet service faster by several folds.

5G offers at least a tenfold improvement in network performance. 

The last major network upgrade was 4G, which debuted in 2009 which was referred to as (the year of the Colorado balloon boy hoax), with a peak speed of about 10 Mbps. 

When you try to compare that to what 5G is, you will see that 5G is poised to deliver peak speeds between 10 and 20 Gbps. Which is far greater than 10Mps just like 1Gigabyte is greater than 1Megabyte in terms of storage space.

Secondly, there is something that is called Network Latency, when using 5G, it will enable network latency drop from 30ms to about 1ms, that is the delay in downloading and uploading large content which is ideal for video game streaming, online video, and the Internet of Things, which is anticipating 5G to connect sensors, computers, and other devices with ultra-low latency.

As regards radio frequency radiation level and the health hazard 5G will pose, there are currently no strong scientific proof that 5G will contribute to radiation hazard anymore than 4G poses.

On the overall 5G will revolutionalise the telecommunication industries and other sectors like financial, logistic and a host of them that depend on real electronic communication to receive and disburse signals globally at multisectorial and multilevels. 

Richard F. Inoyo
Is the Principal Consultant at Carthinium Global Research and Development.

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