Friday, 10 April 2020

#Covid19: Group partners CRSG to promote handwash/sanitation campaign in Calabar

Eneji Simon Ushie|10 April 2020 

The Director General, Cross River State Primary Healthcare Development Agency, Dr Janet Ekpenyong, has commended the United purpose for their supports to the state government in the fight against Covid19.

The DG made this known at the Millennium Park Calabar when she flagged off the Integrated Sensitization Approach on Covid-19 with the support of the United Purpose an NGO that specialises in rural sanitation and improved water supply.

Dr Ekpenyong said the government have done amazingly well in combating the spread of Covid-19 through various preventive approaches which include production and distribution of nose mask to citizens across the state, closure of the state borders and entry points which include Air, Seas and Roads, adoption of the rural and community base approach in sensitizing people.

She further stated that with improved collaborations with groups like United Purpose in raising awareness both in the rural and urban areas, the state is sure to record no incidences of Covid19 and every other communicable diseases as she stated that majority of the diseases around town is centred on sanitation and improved hygiene.

"I want to commend the efforts of the United Purpose for this laudable achievement in partnering with the state to improve awareness on Covid19 and ways of improving sanitation and personal hygiene. 

"As a state we have done well in pushing the message on sensitization and ways of preventing the spread of Covid19 in our state,our health workers have gone through thick and thins in various communities to teach our people measures to put in place to avoid the spread of the virus,on Tuesday through Wednesday, the governor in company of the Covid19 task force kept vigil at one of the state border community to enforce the restricted movement order".

She further admonish groups and bodies to collaborate with the state government in spreading awareness especially in the rural areas to check the spread of various diseases especially now when the nation and world is tackling the Covid19 pandemic.

Responding, the Head of United Purpose in charge of Cross River, noted that the team found the Primary Healthcare Agency worthy of partnership because of a shared interest with the organization working in the rural areas and to eradicate preventable diseases suffered as a result of poor hygiene,poor sanitation and poor access to good and portable water.

"We are excited to be here partnering with the Cross River State government, as you know,we have been in the state since 2000 focusing on sanitation and hygiene. Today we have the opportunity to show people how to wash their hands and maintain good personal hygiene, we are oppurtoned to collaborate with the Primary Healthcare Agency in the state to match through the streets of Calabar dividing ourselves into groups to ensure that every community is covered.
We believe in the PHC because you have the right messages, the right approaches to reach the grassroot, you know what to do  with your level of training you have the best approach and you have shown it already".

The sensitization was conducted by a team of Cross River State Primary Healthcare workers headed by the Social mobilization officer Mrs Nsa Ekpenyong and Directors of various units who were dispatched to various areas in Calabar Municipality and Calabar South Local government areas.

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