Tuesday, 7 April 2020

What Nigeria's First Student Member of IEEE says about 5G that will shock you

7 April 2020 

Fears have been allayed over the global controversy surrounding the 5th Generation Mobile Network otherwise called 5G NEGROIDHAVEN can say authoritatively. Engineer Obot Sylvanus Harry the First student member of the IEEE (in Southern Nigeria) as far back as the year 1999, has given insight into the now controversial mobile technology. 

In a article titled '5G IS NOT DANGEROUS, WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW' and obtained by our correspondent explained in summary that 5G is not dangerous. 

The Electronics & Telecommunications Engineering alumnus of the defunct Polytechnic of Calabar, POLYCAL (now University of Cross River State UNICROSS) with a peak aptitude for Mathematics, Physics, Electrical/ Electronics Engineering, and Software Algorithms who distinguished between Ionising radiation and Non-ionizing radiation said 'Radio frequencies, which include 5G, falls under NON-IONIZING Radiation. NON-IONIZING Radiation cannot displace electrons from an Atom or Molecules. 
Remember your secondary school chemistry, when you did electrovalent and covalent bonding, responsible for chemical reactions. NON-IONIZING Radiation cannot alter the DNA molecules of the Human cells because it cannot knock off electrons from orbits.'

Continuing the engineering expert added, 'This means that 5G cannot cause genetic or cellular harm to the human body. You won't develop strange disease, become a monster etc. when you use 5G, Period!' 

Responding to the question of 5G technology producing the globally ravaging pandemic, Covid-19, Obot queried that if the mobile technology cannot affect the human cells or DNA, how could it produce a non-living thing —a virus, nay Coronaviruse? 

His words, 'There is a video of a white man saying 5G produced Covid-19, and he claims to have worked at management level with Vodaphone or so, later he made some Bible quotes. This man is ignorant of fundamental principles. If 5G cannot touch your cells or DNA, as we explained above, how can it produce a Virus. 

'Viruses are the products of genes mutations, in-other-words, the molecular structure of genes are altered to produce a different type. Viruses are classified as non-living things, arguably. So, a virus is a PIECE of INFORMATION. That's all! That gene is information (remember your biology class in secondary school). The virus has no intention, no evil thought, doesn't even know it is causing harm to humans, because it is non-living thing!'

On his part, rights activist and publisher of CrossRiverWatch, Agba Jalingo, two days ago explained that the 5G mobile network is a demonstration of progress in how information is transmitted. According to renowned journalist, 'In the same manner that man progressed from moving impressions wirelessly from one person to another (tele-pathy), to moving sound energy from one location to another wirelessly (tele-phony), to moving visual impression from one location to another wirelessly (tele-vision), to moving heavy matter from one location to another wirelessly (tele-porting), in that same manner will man everly progress with the speed of life without let or hinder'.

Jalingo said the human race will make use of more advanced technologies like '7G, 10G, 15G and even 100G in the years, decades, and centuries to come.' For him, change in society is a constant. 

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