Friday, 15 May 2020

2 Nigerians emerge Covid-19 personalities of the Month in C/River

15 May 2020 

Two Nigerians have been identified as  Covid-19 Personalities in Cross River, a state in the South-Southern geopolitical zone of the country. 

The Cross River state Commissioner for Youth and Skill Development, Hon. Signor Omang-Idiege and the State Commandant of Peace Corps Nigeria, Dr. Okweche Dominic have both emerge 'Covid-19 Personalities of the Month of May' for their individual concerted efforts in combating against the ravaging Coronavirus Disease 2019, Covid-19. 

According to the news, the duo have succeeded in resisting thousands of Nigerians entry into the state through the interstate land borders. There have been attempts, by the Almajirai, into Cross River through the Gakem border at the Benue-Cross River. Recall that there is an existing ban on interstate movement/travel into various states in Nigeria including Cross River. 

Journalist George Odok of the News Agency of Nigeria, NAN deemed Omang-Idiege and Dominic his personalities of the month. According to Odok in a social thread: 'For two weeks now, the State Commissioner for Youth Development and Skill Acquisition, Hon. Signor Omang-Idiege and the State Commandant of Peace Corps Nigeria, Dr Okweche Dominic have been up an doing at the border between Gakem and Benue state.

'They have both returned over 10 trucks conveying Almajiris in their numbers back to their states. This is commendable, that's what we expect. The two gentlemen are my Covid-19 personalities of the Month. In my subsequent publications, I will appreciate them specially for their good work.'

Journalist flays Ayade's Covid-19 Taskforce tram

Meanwhile, journalist Odok has flayed members of the Cross River Taskforce Team for their abuse of human rights and hypocrisy in the discharge of their official responsibilities.

Odok tasked them to leave the metropolitan areas in the state to border communities. 

His words in part, 'Go to the borders, stop holding long canes in Calabar metropolis. The taskforce team on no mask no movement in Calabar has suddenly become a fantasy for some group of persons who just acquired new "koboko" from Hausa men at Bogobiri area in Calabar.

'Earlier today, I came across trending pictures online where the team positioned their vehicles very close to the Governor's office with long canes on their hands, stopping and searching vehicles carrying passengers without face mask.

'What was their intention of holding canes? To flog defaulters abi? At this point, the focus of the taskforce should be felt more at the borders, where possible suspected visitors from states with the virus are trooping into Cross  River State daily from some "apian way".

'Why did they chose to position close to the governor's office, so that the governor will probably see them on his way to office right? As big as Calabar is, no vehicle was stationed on any other street aside the Diamond road, just in front of the old secretariat, so that the governor will notice their presence and feel they are working tirelessly.

'Ayade has given the taskforce the necessary tool to work within the state, it is not time for show-biz from some individuals who have derailed from the primary purpose of the enforcement.

'The taskforce team that stationed their vehicles today at Diamond hill road should move to Itu-bridge and stop visitors from coming into the state, just as it is done at the Gakem border post, anything short of this is eye-service.'

Over four thousands persons have been infected with while almost two hundred persons have died from the Covid-19 pandemic. Cross River and Kogi have not recorded any incidents of the rattling virus.

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