Monday, 11 May 2020

COVID-19: Two more trucks conveying Almagiris, Others, intercepted at Gakem-Benue border

Truck full of Almajiris intercepted at Gakem in Bekwara 
11 May 2020 

Even with the interception and returning of numerous trucks carrying Almagiris and Northerners of varying ages from the Gakem-Benue border, there seem not to be a relent in the influx of these Almajiris attempting to enter Cross River State. 

Sunday night, 10th May, 2020 witnessed another sad event at Gakem - Benue border as two trucks were again intercepted and ordered to return to wherever they were coming from, after a thorough search carried out by the security agents revealed that the trucks were carrying more than 120 young boys/girls and mature men who were without any luggage, heading to the State.

The Commissioner for Youth Development and Skills Acquisitions, Hon Signor Omang Idiege ordered the return of the two loaded trucks and appreciated the Governor of the State, Sen. Prof  Ben Ayade for his outstanding visionary leadership qualities that has made the State to remain COVID-19 free.

He added that His Excellency's directives on various COVID-19 control measures from day one which includes amongst others the permanent lockdown of the State borders has kept the State out of this deadly Virus and it is equally helping to trap the influx of Almajiris for whatever reason into the State.

Commissioner for Youth, Signor Omang Idiege draped in all blue attire addressing the crowd 

He also, appreciated the Police, Civil Defence, Peace Corps officers; the Vigilantes and Youths for their commitments and resilience in the COVID-19 fight and urging them not to relent in contributing to keeping the State safe, stating  that, "it is not yet over until it is over."

Esther Okoi is the CRS-MOI Officer
Reporting from Ministry of Youth and
Skills Acquisition. 

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