Friday, 29 May 2020

Resolve all factional crisis within the Party —aggrieved APC C'River stakeholders

29 May 2020 

Aggrieved stakeholders of the All Progressives Congress, APC, in Cross River state have given a two week ultimatum to the Party's leadership, the Minister representing Cross River, the National Vice Chairman South-South and all leaders of the Party to resolve all crisis within APC CRS before two weeks or face serious campaigns and exposition of how they have destroyed the party to service their avarice.

It should be recalled that these leaders have always initiated crisis in a bid to go round to collect crumbs from the PDP CRS Government and thereby stall the party's chances of winning any election in CRS

According to a source very intimate with the group, 'APC CRS is a large family capable of winning elections but they have lost all critical position because of the greedy attitude of its leaders. These self serving APC CRS leaders are seen to be constantly formentimg crisis to steal opportunity to negotiate with PDP for pecuniary gains. They grow rich by each day after getting crumbs from PDP and causing factions that kills the party's chances of winning elections'.

'Recall that because of these factions, APC CRS lost the CRS Governorship race, all senatorial seats, 7 out of 8 House of Representatives seats, all State Houses of Assembly seats and are yet prepared for the upcoming Local Government pools with two factions still battling for who has the list of authentic candidate. 

'The crisis within APC CRS that began since 2015 have intentionally been left unresolved because some criminal elements have continued to benefit at the expense of the party.

'Most annoyingly, these supposed leaders also collaborate to infiltrate the President Buhari's appointment list with strange names leaving core party men neglected and impoverished

The CRS APC Stakeholders have disclosed that they are determined to stop at nothing unless they reach at the National Chairman and the Presidency even if it means protesting till they get the attention of the President and National Leadership of the party. 

'We are not joking, enough is enough', it declared. 

Joseph Odok PhD Esq is a citizen reporter 

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