Tuesday, 7 July 2020

FBI petitions IG of Police to investigate, arrest and prosecute ICPC chairman, others for perjury/giving false evidence

6 July 2020

Earlier today, F. Baba Isa, a Legal Practitioner based in Abuja petitioned the Inspector General of Police to arrest and prosecute PROFESSOR BOLAJI OWASANOYE, the Chairman of the ICPC, OSUOBENI EKOI AKPONIMISINGHA, a Principal Legal Officer in the ICPC and ILIYA MARKUS, a litigation officer in the ICPC.

Isa stated in the petition that "These persons conspired to lie on oath, lied on oath, and misled a court with this lies on oath to obtain an order of Court, thereby committing the offence of perjury and/or giving false evidence."

Isa attached court documents to the petition to show how and where these persons told lies under oath to obtain a court order. 

In closing, the petition stated that "The actions of PROFESSOR BOLAJI OWASANOYE, OSUOBENI EKOI AKPONIMISINGHA, ILIYA MARKUS of conspiring to lie on oath, lying on oath, and misleading a court with this lie on oath to obtain an order of Court, is the offence of perjury and/or giving false evidence contrary to Sections 156-160 of the Penal Code Act. I urge you to immediately arrest them, investigate the matter and prosecute them immediately."

Asked if ICPC is still insisting on arresting him even when he has gone to court to challenge their invitation. "Yes. I'm not afraid to be arrested. But I won't give in to any sort of intimidation or blackmail just because I did my job as a lawyer. If they want to arrest me let them go ahead and do it, but at least the whole world will know now that it is against the grain of the law. You can see their desperation. They even went to court to lie under oath to get a remand order for me. Well, that's a very serious criminal offence and they must answer for it. I even heard that they want to declare me wanted. That will be beautiful; because by declaring me wanted it will be an additional evidence against them that they didn't have me in custody when they went to lie to the court that they do." 

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